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Electrolux 23L Inspiration Microwave Oven takes home the prestigious Singapore Good Design Mark Award

Commending innovation and exceptional designs that spur the imagination, the Singapore Good Design Mark Award was awarded to the 23L Inspiration Microwave Oven.

Electrolux leads industry in sustainable household appliances for fourth consecutive year

Building eco-friendly households with environment-friendly appliances can be easy with the right choices.

Your Luck Is Rising With Irish Soda Bread

For years, cooks in Asia have turned out a wonderful medley of buns, desserts and kueh without once seeing the inside of an oven.

Fur Goodness’ Sake!

Love your pets but love a clean house just a bit more? While it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid pet fur and other critter elements shedding everywhere, there are some simple strategies that go a long way toward containing the problem.

Four Tips That Encourage “Green” Eating

In a world where potato chips, fried chicken and candy exist, it can be hard to get children to eat their greens. Given that a healthy, balanced diet means that one third of our meals should consist of fruits and vegetables, the mission to feed them right can be quite a challenge.

A Green Year Of The Goat

On Lunar New Year, families open their doors to loved ones from near and far.

Four Asian Spring Cleaning Hacks For The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is around the corner, and so is the tradition of spring-cleaning for those who celebrate the festival. (Also a great excuse for those who need a nudge to purge!)

Lunar New Year Survival Tips For The Home Baker

Planning to make your own egg rolls and pineapple tarts for family and friends this year? How do you keep yourself from being steamrolled by the amount of work required? Home baker extraordinaire May Foo has some tips to help.

The guide to making a splash with a pool party

When the weather turns warm, it’s the perfect time for a pool party. That doesn’t have to mean a backyard full of shrieking kids. If you’d like to unwind by throwing an adult-only party, it’s a great way to cool off with friends in a fun, relaxed environment.

Matching the chocolate to our cakes – a guide to using chocolate in baking

Learning the finer points of cacao can only enhance our love and enjoyment of our favourite year-round treat — and knowing how to choose the right bar can really take your baked goods to the next level.