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Five gourmet popsicles for grown up taste buds

They aren’t just a kid’s treat. These complex culinary twists on popsicles look sophisticated enough to satisfy even the more grown up taste buds. To aid the freezing process along, all you need is refrigerators like the Electrolux ETE5107D with its quick freeze function to help speed things along.

Cookware metals and you

Cooking utensils can be made from different metals and alloys. Each has their own distinct benefits, whether it’s better cooking or being easier on your budget.

Expecting the unexpected guests

We usually plan for parties or out of town guests way in advance, and have ample time to prepare. But what happens when a friend who happens to be in the neighbourhood stops by unexpectedly? Keeping an open door policy without the fuss isn’t hard with the right preparation.

Room colours for psychological well-being

Colour has the power to change the shape and size of furnishings, as well as that of the room, so if you’re looking to create different moods at home, think about which colour combinations are best suited to your personality and psychological well-being.

DIY your own upscale pizzas

Bring the pizza parlour home with homemade dough and a variety of luxury toppings. If you have an outdoor grill, you can even finish off the made-to-order pizzas on the grill for that fire-charred flavour.

Better home design from Asia at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014

Life-changing culinary, laundry and air purification appliance concepts from Asia Pacific could take home the big prize at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition. One of these semi-finalists could win an internship at an Electrolux Global Design Centre and €5,000.

Small hacks for quicker and better ironing

Ironing is not a chore many people enjoy, so cut down on the time you spend on it by finding the most efficient ways to get those wrinkles out.

Tantalising taste buds with rice dumpling varieties

Sticky rice dumplings or “zongzi” may have originated as a seasonal food, but this handy package of glutinous rice and meat has become a year-round favourite in most major cities with a significant Chinese population.

Give your cooking a touch of luxury with Champagne

Champagne and other sparkling wines are too-often reserved for wedding toasts or New Year’s Eve parties. But the bubbly can also be used as an ingredient in your meal, making the traditional wine pairing a bit more interesting.

Taking the right fork to your meals

Whether dining in a five-star restaurant or setting the table for an upscale dinner party, knowing how to properly use silverware is essential to making a good impression. But with so many different types of forks in various sizes, it can get confusing trying to get it right. If you’re hosting such a dinner party, the onus is on you to get it right for your guests.