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Easy cooking – with the refrigerator

Whether you’re seeking relief from a hot day, or just trying to offset a spicy dish on the table, cold dishes can help beat the heat. Many are easy to prepare, and you don’t need elaborate appliances to do so.

Miso in cooking – more than just a soup base

Miso – a classic Japanese condiment usually made from fermented soybeans into a paste. It comes in red, white, or black varieties, all of which have their own distinct flavour. Miso is also chock full of umami – the savoury sensation that helps give heft and body to dishes.

Quick tips for maintaining a white home

There are many design benefits to choosing a white theme for your home. It has a classic, clean timelessness and it’s easy to mix and match white with a wide range of accent colours, fixtures, countertops and flooring.

Nasi goreng – A national dish to celebrate any occasion

Nasi goreng, or literally “fried rice” in Indonesian and Malay, is the Indonesian take on a popular Asian dish. Its preparation, ingredients and flavours are unique enough for it to be considered one of Indonesia’s national dishes. It can be found anywhere in the country, from roadside stalls to restaurants.

Four Japanese egg dishes for your next meal

Whether it’s served with ramen, as a savoury custard or grilled in a pan and rolled into a log, eggs form the basis of some of the most popular dishes from Japan. Although it may seem that they can only be prepared in professional kitchens, many are not hard to replicate at home with the right equipment.

Guilt-free popcorn flavours for movie nights

Movie nights don’t have to feature popcorn slathered in butter and salt. By itself, popcorn is one of the healthiest snack options. One cup of unflavoured popcorn contains just 30 calories and it’s easy enough to make at home.

The 101 on Nonya cooking

Sometime in the 15th century, Chinese migrants settled in British Malaya (or Malaysia and Singapore today) and Indonesia. Their descendants through marriage with local Malays became known as Peranakans.

A brief history of fabrics

Your clothing is part of your identity, part of what makes us human. Historically, it provided protection from the elements that allowed us to migrate to and flourish in unfriendly climates. At the same time, it also reflected and shaped human culture through fashion. Here are some popular fashion fabrics that have withstood the test of time.

Getting the perfect boiled egg for your dish

Hard-boiled eggs are one of the most common breakfast items in the world. Getting the perfect hard-boiled egg however, can be a bit of a science. Overcooking a hardboiled egg produces a rubbery white with a green-grey film covering the yolk. Hard-boiled eggs can also stick to the shell, making dishes like deviled eggs near-impossible [...]

Cooking different rice varieties in the common rice cooker

Just add water and boil – to many, rice is the simplest thing to cook on a daily basis. However, if you want to get the most out of this staple, it’s best to know the optimal cooking methods for each variety.