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Help your kid discover their inner chef with these easy dishes

There’s no lack of TV shows celebrating talented kid chefs turning out restaurant-calibre dishes. Whether you’re raising a culinary wunderkind or not, your kids can grow their kitchen skills gradually, starting with simple meals prepared under your guidance

Electrolux Design Lab 2014 crowns futuristic food gatherer as winner

Gather virtual food for dinner via an online game, and have the grocery store deliver them.

Creating delicious compound butters to enhance your meals

Creating compound butters is an easy way to add a new flavour sensation to your meals. It is simply butter with herbs, spices or other ingredients mixed into it. Just bring the amount of butter you wish to use to room temperature and mix minced ingredients into them. Stand mixers like the Electrolux EHSM2000 have a powerful 300W motor that makes the mixing process for the butter effortless. All you need to decide on is what to put in.

Keeping your home clean – without cleaning

Is your cleaning routine tiring you out? Find out how you can minimise both dirt and the need to clean, by simply observing a few regular habits.

Better garment steaming techniques for your fabrics

Whether you’re looking for a better way to keep your clothing in tip-top condition or simply looking for a better alternative to ironing, garment steaming might be for you.

The guide to better cooking with olive oils

Despite being commonly found on dinner tables and in pantries around the world, olive oil is a nuanced and often-misunderstood ingredient. There are always questions when it comes to cooking with olive oil. When should you use extra virgin, and when should you use just olive oil? What’s the difference?

Sustainability – the next big fashion trend

One industry spearheading the sustainability movement may come as a surprise: The fashion industry. Many of today’s hottest designers who are well aware of the need for plentiful materials are creating entire collections around the notion of sustainability — but the term isn’t easy to define. Sustainable fashion does have a few major features though.

Adding a touch of class to common comfort foods

The old favourites we turn to when we need some culinary comfort aren’t usually the most refined. But it’s easy to class them up with some fancier ingredients for a dinner party or special occasion while keeping them deliciously familiar.

The beginner’s guide to cutting cheese right

A cheese plate can be one of the easiest appetisers to serve, so why spoil it with sloppy presentation? On the other hand, cutting into a perfect, pristine wedge of cheese on a beautiful platter can be slightly intimidating for guests. Here are some tips to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

The art of removing Asian food stains

Asian foods like curry and kim chi are delicious, but they are less enjoyable when they end up on clothing. They can be pretty stubborn, but thankfully appliances like the Electrolux Stainwand offer a hi-tech solution, using ultrasound to shake stain particles loose without damaging the fabric. Combine that with a bit of know-how, and there’s no need to throw your clothes out.