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The beginner’s guide to fine caviar

They may be “just” salted fish eggs, but caviar is a food that’s synonymous with luxury. While we can find certain varieties for a few dollars at the supermarket, true gourmet caviar can cost between US$2,000 to US$34,500 for one kilogram.

Popular DIY dishes for parties

Dinner parties don’t have to be stuffy sit down affairs. Why not get your guests involved and give your party a fun feel with a DIY theme? Not only will it be a great ice breaker, they may even find customising their own meals enjoyable..

Going beyond oregano and basil in cooking

The right herbs can turn an ordinary meal into a culinary experience. While most of us would already be familiar with home-grown favourites like dill, sweet basil and rosemary, the following herbs have something special: a bit of extra, unexpected flavour that comes straight from Mother Nature to add a bit more depth to your cooking.

Designing home décor around your collections

There’s no point to having a fabulous collection of tchotchkes if you can’t show them off. You’ve spent years trying to find that perfect bauble, scoured eBay and hit up flea markets to feed your hobby, so why not show off your stuff with style?

Boiling great soups – with a rice cooker

Contrary to its name, rice isn’t the only thing you can cook with a rice cooker. The basic function of the cooker is to heat up and boil liquids to a set temperature, then keep its contents warm at a consistent temperature.

Look your best with the right ironing techniques

The best dress shirts can’t help you make a good impression if they’re poorly ironed and wrinkly. Details matter and it’s important to have well-pressed clothing whether you’re heading to work or for a night out.

Mastering the art of crème brûlée

A cool vanilla custard topped with a crust of warm, caramelised sugar, crème brûlée is a classic French dessert which is often found on the menus of European restaurants.

DIY mooncakes for a special mid-Autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn festival is around the corner, falling on 8 September this year. The festival is widely celebrated in many Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

Cooking authentic Nasi Lemak at home

Its name may literally mean “oily or fatty rice”, but the rich, satiating joy of a plate of Nasi Lemak is beloved by Malaysians and Singaporeans everywhere.

Classic sandwiches that have withstood the test of time

Sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food, easy to make and consume. Some sandwiches have become so popular over time they’re now considered classics. Here are some well-known favourites commonly served in cafes or restaurants, with tips on making them at home. Toasters like the Electrolux ETS5604S make it easy to put together a great-tasting sandwich, with its integrated bun warmer that allows you to warm up all kinds of breads, including baguette rolls.