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Electrolux brings design inspiration to outdoor entertaining


Jamie Durie and the Outdoor Kitchen 
The Outdoor Kitchen (render)The Outdoor KitchenThe Outdoor Kitchen (render)

Electrolux has launched the Outdoor Kitchen, a design collaboration with landscape designer Jamie Durie. The new addition to the Electrolux premium outdoor collection is designed to complement modern outdoor entertaining areas and features the Electrolux Integrated Barbecue and the new Electrolux Integrated Burner.

The Outdoor Kitchen joins the ranks of other successful Electrolux collaborations such as the Electrolux Jeppe Utzon Barbecue. With as much emphasis on form as function, the Outdoor Kitchen is an impressive addition to the Electrolux outdoor entertaining portfolio.

Jamie, a strong advocate of the ‘Outdoor Room’, shares the Electrolux passion to redefine outdoor entertaining.

“Australia has had a long standing love affair with outdoor entertaining, so it was important to redefine that space in respect to modern demands when designing The Outdoor Kitchen. We wanted something that would stylistically push the parameters of outdoor design and alfresco luxury whilst still keeping in harmony with garden elements,” says Jamie.

The Outdoor Kitchen is a distinctive, custom-design to fit any outdoor space and evolves organically and grows alongside the garden. Its distinctive form offers a unique outdoor cooking and entertaining area that is environmentally friendly and a testament to increasingly sophisticated outdoor areas.

As an active supporter for preserving natural surroundings and the environmental future, Jamie is also passionate about the environmental aspect of the design. The Outdoor Kitchen is both sustainable and timeless, selecting clever eco-friendly materials and having greenery and plant life as an integral part of the design.

“The Outdoor Kitchen is an engineered green entertaining area, designed to meet contemporary life, it is not just a piece of furniture or a utilitarian space, it’s an outdoor area designed to draw people out of their houses and into their gardens, where they seem to want to spend their leisure time these days,” says Jamie.

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