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Electrolux Global Design team presents Rendez-vous & Volare


Electrolux Rendez-vousElectrolux Volare

The kitchen has become the place for socialising, interacting and entertaining and dinner has a more important role as a co-creative activity. This makes flexibility with time and space at home even more important to consumers. But it does not make design less important. This is the thinking behind the two visionary design concepts developed by the Electrolux Global Design team.

Like all products and innovations developed by Electrolux, the concepts are developed out of consumer’s wants and needs observed in the Group’s ambitious Consumer Insight process:


Consumer Insight

Many consumers love to cook and entertain but don’t like the idea of being kept in a separate room away from the guests. They are looking for a solution that takes them out of the kitchen and into the living space. They also want their kitchen to be intuitive and instructive – so that they cook like master chefs, even when they are not.

Concept Description

Rendez-vous is the first interactive table that combines the living, eating and entertaining space. The top of the table is a unique surface of energy that brings the appliances to life without the use of a cord. The mobile phone or blender can be placed on the surface to charge or activate. The table top is also an inductive cooking system that uses sensor technology: cooking zones are not dedicated. Instead heat is dispensed wherever the pan is placed.Beneath the table are modular drawers that can hold a stove, refrigerator or almost any kitchen appliance that the consumer needs. Cooking becomes a social activity, but there is no need to be flawless. Programmed in the Rendezvous is a virtual chef that guides the consumer through the cooking process, making it foolproof. When it is time to eat, the drawers tuck away beneath the table. Rendez-vous breaks down barriers in the home, creating the perfect space for gathering, cooking and eating.

Reasons to believe

  • A complete entertaining, cooking, and eating zone
  • Power mat at the top of the table brings energy to any electrical appliance
  • The entire table surface uses sensor technology
  • Modular system allows you to build the perfect system to fit your needs
  • Kitchen appliances tuck beneath the table when it is time to eat
  • Virtual chef guides you through the cooking process
  • Brings the kitchen to the heart of the home



The consumer’s apartment might be small and so every choice is crucial. It is decorated with modern/minimalist furniture to give it a light and open impression. But when it comes to your kitchen, there needs to be a solution that is flexible and sleek. It should be artful, convenient, and intuitive, and not take up more room than it has to.

Concept Description

Volare is an entire kitchen tucked away in an illuminated piece of art. Volare responds to the touch, and can be unfolded into an induction stove when the consumer needs to cook or dispensing ice when the consumer wants a cold drink. The modular system allows it to be customised to the perfect unit to fit your needs. The unit is organized from cold appliances to hot and is intuitive. For instance, glide one finger to get a cup of hot water or glide two to get your morning espresso. The compact unit holds everything needed for an aesthetic,
modern, and convenient cooking experience.

Reasons to believe

  • The oven changes color based on temperature to make cooking intuitive
  • Spot light illuminates the unit making it look like a piece of art when it is not being used
  • Modular system allows you to build a kitchen that fits your needs
  • A range of colors available for complete customisation
  • Redefines the kitchen by turning it into an artful experience
  • Organised from cold to hot
  • Keeps your floor space clear

The Electrolux Global Design team is an international team with about 150 designers present in all of the Group’s different business sectors. The Design Centre Hub is in Stockholm, Sweden, co-located with other Group functions. Other Industrial Design Centres are in North America, Brazil, Italy, Singapore and Australia. The team is responsible for creating a range of products both from an aesthetic and user experience point of view. The Design Philosophy is based on the holistic approach of Thoughtful Design – developing and applying consumer insights into all aspects of the brand experience. The Electrolux Global Design team has a proven track record of success with a constant flow of prestigious international design awards such as IF Award, Red Dot and Good design. The team is headed by Henrik Otto.

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