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Electrolux pyrolytic ovens number one in Australia


Electrolux Pyrolytic OvenElectrolux E:Line Range with Electrolux Pyrolytic OvenElectrolux Pyrolytic OvenElectrolux Pyrolytic Oven

Just one year after its launch, the Electrolux pyrolytic oven has achieved market leadership in Australia.

Originally launched in October 2008, the pyrolytic oven took one year to overtake key rivals, becoming Australia’s number one selling pyrolytic oven over September, October and November combined, according to data from research firm GFK1.

“The pyrolytic oven segment is in its infancy in Australia, but it is growing, and retailers see it as an opportunity for consumers to upgrade,” says Leigh Knight,  Product Marketing Manager, Built-In Cooking, Electrolux Australia.

The oven offers a number of benefits, such as pyrolytic technology (which allows for easy cleaning), large capacity, and the intuitive oven interface (IOI).   The oven is part of the Electrolux E:Line range.

The Electrolux E:line range is the Asia Pacific adaptation of the Bright design family from Europe. Electrolux E:Line and Bright products are designed to match each other, allowing the mixing of ranges, irrespective of whether specific products were produced in Europe or Australia.

While pyrolytic ovens have been available for years, only now is the technology becoming affordable for homes. Pyrolytic or ‘pyro’ ovens have an easy self cleaning function where high temperatures (up to 475°C) are used to change organic matter to ash, cleaning built up dirt and residue from the oven liner and the door’s inner glass.

IOI technology does away with hard-to-understand symbols.  Instead, the oven has an interactive display utilizing text that is easy for users to navigate.

“This is a significant milestone because we entered Australia’s pyrolytic segment relatively late compared with our key competitors” says Marco Paracciani, Head of Product Development, Food Preparation for Major Appliances, Electrolux Asia Pacific.

“Since 2007 we have set our eyes on capturing market leadership in the fast growing pyro segment,” he says.  “The launch of the Electrolux Pyro in Q408 was the first move, the second was the introduction of a Westinghouse Pyrolytic in Q3 2009.  Others will follow in the near future as we expect the pyrolytic segment to continue growing at double digit rates.  It is critical that we stay ahead of the game as our competitors won’t sit back,” he continued.

1 According to GFK, the Electrolux pyrolytic oven was number one selling pyrolytic oven in Australia in September and October 2009, and number two in November 2009.

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