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ProCombi Steam Oven MaxiSense™ Induction CooktopProClean™ dishwasher

Innovative German designed appliance manufacturer, AEG will relaunch its brand in Australia with the release of its latest range – the Neue Kollektion.

The built-in kitchen collection boasts German engineering precision and embodies the exact aesthetic principal that was brought to AEG in 1909 by Peter Behrens, one of the leaders of architectural reform and an inspiration to many of the leading lights of the modernism movement.

“We’re very proud to introduce the AEG Neue Kollektion in Australia; it is a prestigious range of appliances that offer discerning consumers engineering precision in every individual component as well as graceful and seductive design cues,” said John Brown, Managing Director Electrolux Home Products Australia and New Zealand.

With a completely new design and new engineering features, the AEG Neue Kollektion includes; MaxiKlasse™ Ovens, ProCombi™ Steam Oven, Induction, Gas and Ceramic Cooktops, Designer Rangehoods and ProClean® Dishwashers.

The new MaxiKlasse™ AEG Ovens feature a larger capacity, cooler door temperatures and anti-fingerprint stainless steel. An advanced interface with full text assists with your cooking by displaying cooking mode, time, temperature and progress. Select models feature the NaviSight™ navigation system which provides quick access to over 100 pre-programmed recipes.

The ProCombi ™ Steam Oven offers advanced steam cooking options; steam is a powerful tool that has been used by professional chefs for many years and it is now available in the home. The ProCombi ™ Steam Oven provides three levels of combination steam and hot air cooking in a full size large capacity oven. When selected, steam gently cooks the food from surface to core, preserving its natural taste, colour and texture, whilst the hot air gives a perfect colour and crust.

The Induction Cooktops provide a number of cooking options using induction technology to deliver power and versatility. They feature DirekTouch slide controls for quick, precise heat level selection as well as a Stop + Go function which allows the consumer to pause the cooking process if needed. The DirekTouch interface is carried through to the designer canopy rangehoods which feature an ActiveHeat sensor – this activates the rangehood depending on the level of heat and vapour rising from what is cooking on the cooktop.

The ProClean™ Dishwashers  comfortably handle all of your wares, from fine crystal to fish kettles, with the largest loading volume available in a standard sized dishwasher, five spray levels and a satelite spray arm.

The AEG Neue Kollektion will offer customers a five year standard warranty on all products, as well as AEG 1st Klasse Service and will be available in store from 1 August 2011.

For more information on the full range please visit www.aeg.com/au

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