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Electrolux Transforms your Laundry Days from a Duty to a Delight


The new Electrolux Inspiration Laundry Range has been designed to love your clothes as much as you do. The innovative and superbly designed range includes Time Manager washers, Condenser Dryers and combined Washer Dryers. This range offers the perfect solution for even your most complicated of laundry loads, ensuring both your clothes and your home has never look better.

Thanks to washers and dryers that remember your favourite cycle, programs that perfectly dry your clothes and Vapour Action which revives and freshens garments, your washing woes and troublesome loads will be a thing of the past.

Someone who knows a thing or two about caring for your clothes is renowned Australian fashion designer and fabric care ambassador, Alex Perry.

“As a fashion designer I’m very conscious of creating a garment that not only look fabulous, but can also be cared for without too much fuss. Which is why I love the new Electrolux Inspiration Range, these appliances have been designed to take the guess work out of laundry, whilst providing the best care for your garments.

“I tried and tested the appliances with a few of my most delicate garments and even the intricately beaded detailing and hand sewn features were a breeze for the washer and dryer. My garments came out as pristine as they went in. This is a tribute to the clever innovation and ergonomic designs of the range,” said Alex.

Lyndon Craig, Electrolux Senior Design Manager said, “From a design and function point of view, at Electrolux we put a lot of thought into the little things, from quieter operation to precise load sensors and extra large door opening. With the Inspiration Range we want to remind people that doing the laundry is not just another household chore; it’s also about looking after the clothes we love, avoiding those dreaded washing disasters and doing what we can to make life easier for you.”

Some of the products featured in the new Inspiration range include:

Electrolux 9kg Time Manager washing machine (EWF14912) RRP$1,529.00

Its stylish and ultra quiet design will make washing garments from sportswear to delicate intimates a breeze. Other features include:

  • 12 program settings includes, variable wash times and a delay start option, giving you total control of every load
  • Load SensorTM feature conveniently displays the laundry weight of every wash and also gives you a recommended detergent dosage
  • Vapour Action, 21-minute refresh program rejuvenates garments, removes wrinkles and eliminates odours, with a touch of a button
  • Even your much loved woollen items are in safe hands; this washer is Woolmark® Approved, meaning you can safely wash wool garments labelled as machine washable
  • If this wasn’t enough it also features a five star water rating, meaning you’re not only caring for your clothes, but the environment as well

Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer (EDH3284PDW) RRP $1999.00

This dryer is built to handle all of your clothes with the utmost care. It’s the perfect blend of stylish design and intelligent technology. Other features include:

  • 14 program settings will have your clothes in a spin of their own
  • Innovative Heat Pump System ensures gentle drying and savings of up to 50 per cent on energy consumption with a 6 star Energy rating
  • Advanced Sensor Dry function eliminates the risk of over drying your garment
  • Anti-crease reverse tumbling action reduces clothes tangling and bunching together, ensuring even and quick drying
  • Auto Off automatically shuts off to reduce energy consumption
  • Large 38cm reversible door allows you to load and unload your dryer with ease

Additional laundry appliances in the Inspiration range also include:


  • 8.5kg Time Manager Washer (EWF12822) RRP $1219.00
  • 8kg Time Manager Washer (EWF12832) RRP $1059.00
  • 7kg Time Manager Washer (EWF12832) RRP $1059.00


  • 8kg Condenser Dryer (EDC2086PDW) RRP $1169.00
  • 7kg Condenser Dryer (EDP2074PDW) RRP $949.00

Washer/dryer combo

  • 8kg/5kg Time Manager Washer Dryer (EWW12832) RRP $1479.00
  • 9kg/6kg Time Manager Washer Dryer (EWW14912) RRP $1689.00

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