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Passion for food gets Aussies in the mood

New research shows Australians are spicing up the kitchen New research shows Australians’ passion for food is reigniting relationships across the country with 44% admitting to ’intimate moments’ in the kitchen and almost one in 10 confessing it happens at least once a week. Lifting the lid on the seductive powers of cooking, the Electrolux […]

Heart of the Home: Electrolux presents the kitchen of the future

According to the UN, 74 per cent of the world population will live in cities by 2050. This high level of urbanisation means that we have to rethink the way we’re using space, energy and our environment. Using this future scenario as a foundation, Electrolux has developed a brand new design concept illustrating how we will live in the future.

The oven is alive and cooking!

As cooking fever engulfs the nation, reigniting culinary passion, new research from Westinghouse reveals that Australians are still traditional at heart when it comes to home cooking and sharing quality time around the dinner table. More than nine out of ten Australian households are cooking at home on any given day and using their oven at least three times a week.