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Zanussi suggests: Let your oven do the cooking and the cleaning!

Oven Cleaning is one of the most hated chores in the home and is a task that is often neglected rather than tackled! Looking after your oven is important if you want to keep it working in tip top condition. But at Zanussi, we know that not everyone wants to spend their precious time on hands and knees trying to get the oven spic and span! That is why we offer Pyrolytic cleaning on our top of the range multifunction oven Zanussi ZYB594X. One touch of a button and you can leave the rest to the oven to quietly get on with the job!

So many people are simply not aware that you can buy ovens that can clean themselves until they look as good as new! Pyrolytic cleaning incinerates all grease, burnt on fat etc at high temperatures, leaving just a pile of ash that can be brushed away leaving the oven clean and gleaming! There is no more effective, easier or effortless way to clean the oven!

Oven Cleaning – some facts

There are 3 main types of cleaning: pyrolytic, catalytic and enamel. There is a fourth method using steam, but this is less common, and sometimes take longer.


If you looked at an enamel oven interior under a microscope you would see a bumpy surface. The higher the grade the flatter the surface and the easier it is to wipe clean. Cheap imports are more likely to be a lower grade, while good quality ovens like those from Electrolux, Zanussi and AEG-Electrolux are made of higher grade enamel which is flatter, denser and therefore easier to keep clean.


Catalytic cleaning involves a coating, which is applied to the oven cavity. The catalytic liners work when the oven is heated to 220ºC – and residue is oxidised. There are limitations. They don’t clean the whole cavity, it’s dependent on where the liners are placed; the base is enamel and the door window is glass both of which still need to be cleaned using household cleaners. Catalytic liners have improved in recent years and when looked after correctly will last for the lifetime of the oven. Zanussi ZOB690X features catalytic cleaning.


This is the best method of cleaning as it cleans the entire oven including the base and door, requiring no other household cleaning products. It is 100% effective and extremely easy. It works by burning off grease and residue at high temperatures of around 500ºC. Because it uses heat it can reach into all corners, cleaning every nook and cranny in the oven. All you have to do is simply wipe away the ash and your oven is left looking brand new. There are other positive spin offs – better energy efficiency and reduced running costs when the oven is in use, you will get cooler touch doors (generally 4 panes of glass instead of 2) and the oven will have a better cooling fan.

Also, although a pyrolytic oven does involve more outlay, the cost of the cleaning cycle is much cheaper than any cleaning product: the light cleaning cycle on the Zanussi oven is less than 30p. And of course the time savings are significant!

The Electrolux Group (with its brands Zanussi, AEG-Electrolux and Electrolux itself) leads the market in built-in pyrolytic ovens because of its manufacturing strength and experience in countries where pyrolytic is the norm. For example, in France, 70+% of the built-in single oven market is pyrolytic. Electrolux was one of the first manufacturers to introduce pyrolytic cleaning. Zanussi top of the range oven ZYB594 features pyrolytic cleaning; also from Electrolux brand the intelligent Inspiro EOC69400X and Electrolux EOC68000.

Zanussi ZYB594X single Multi-Function oven with pyrolytic cleaning

Oven capacity 53 litres
Oven Functions:
Pyrolytic cleaning
Thermaflow® ,fan operated cooking
Thermal grilling
Pizza cooking
Booster for heat in a hurry
Conventional cooking
Single circuit variable grill
Dual circuit variable grill
Top heat
Bottom Heat
Oven Features:
Simple push button digital controls
Digital cooking display with menu guided cooking functions and text
Pre-programmed cooking recipes
LCD electronic clock, minute minder and programmable oven timer
Child lock and auto safety shut off
Clear ‘n’ Clean enamel interior for pyrolytic cleaning
Chrome grid runners with 2 auto-stop anti tip shelves
Full width grill pan with 2 carry handles
Cool front system with heat reflective glass and cooling fan
Bright oven light
Energy Rating: A
Price: Seen in shops @ £479-499

Consumer contact details
08705 727 727

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