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Summer Cooking ideas from AEG-Electrolux

Summer Cooking with AEG-Electrolux
With Summer waiting in the wings, we thought now would be a good time to highlight some of the features that can really help perfect summer cooking, cooling and entertaining. If you want to see some of the AEG-Electrolux Appliances ‘in summer action’ come along to the Taste Festivals in London (17-20 June) and Birmingham (16-18 July). The Taste Festivals have set a new benchmark for food and drink events worldwide – and AEG-Electrolux, as a partner of the Taste Festivals, is centre stage in all the culinary areas. http://www.tastefestivals.com/

The Independent’s ‘50 Best Home Appliances’ included 5 from Electrolux

Five appliances from Electrolux Group featured in this article in The Independent Saturday 22nd May 2010 on the 50 Best Home Appliances:
Nr 6 AEG-Electrolux Ultraone vacuum cleaner
Nr 8: AEG-Electrolux B98205M multifunction/steam oven
Nr 19 AEG-Electrolux F99000MP ProClean Dishwasher
Nr 43 Zanussi ZCV663MXC freestanding cooker
Nr 45 AEG-Electrolux Fridge freezer S75448KG

Electrolux is named “global superstar” by Forbes Magazine

The companies on the list, according to Forbes, are “industry leaders who are making strategic moves to help navigate through these tough economic times.”

“I’m proud that we have been included in this elite list of 130 Global High Performers,” says Electrolux President and CEO Hans Stråberg. “We’ve worked hard and focused to reach where we are today.”
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NEW extended Zanussi Cooling Range reaches new market sectors

Zanussi consumers can now buy a 55cm wide frost free fridge freezer thanks to the introduction of the Zanussi ZRB224NWO.
The vast majority of people in the UK shop just once a week. Less time for shopping means more storage space is required in their cooling appliances. This is confirmed by Zanussi research which has highlighted several important purchase motivators for cooling appliances – the most important being that they can preserve food for longer. But convenience is also important – and more consumers are seeking appliances that do not require defrosting. Other areas of importance are low noise, easy cleaning, energy rating and internal storage arrangements. Size of kitchens also plays an important role in dictating the TYPE of cooling appliance consumers will buy. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

Zanussi launches large capacity cookers

Zanussi’s new range of freestanding cookers feature extra large capacity main ovens. The new top of the range model ZCV663M ( multifunction cooker) has a 67 litre main oven while all the other 55cm and 60cm electric models in the new range have a massive capacity of 71 litres in the main oven so more dishes can be cooked at once. What is more they feature an A energy rating in the top cavity and a groundbreaking A-10% in the main oven – that’s 10% better than energy-efficient-class A. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

Zanussi invests in re-branding strategy to grow volume and value share

New strap line, new campaign and a new logo reflect Zanussi’s Italian heritage and the lifestyle it stands for.
A new branding strategy to build on the equity and appeal of the Zanussi brand and to ultimately boost volume and value share is being unveiled today. The branding strategy reflects the brand’s Italian heritage and the lifestyle it stands for and is encapsulated by its new strap line: ‘la vita è bella’ (life is beautiful). The new branding and key messages will be supported by a significant marketing spend.