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AEG-Electrolux vacuum cleaners sweep up THREE BEST BUYS from Which? magazine


AEG-Electrolux UltrasilencerAEG-Electrolux UltraactiveAEG-Electrolux Ultraone

The Ultraone, Ultrasilencer and Ultraactive have all been awarded Best Buy Status by Which? (August 2010).

About Which?

Which? is the largest consumer body in the UK, with over 650,000 members. It is a registered charity and is completely independent. The Which? ‘Best Buy’ tag is well-known and respected by industry and consumers.

Best Buy AEG Ultraone AEL 8820: – Sep 2010 Which? Magazine

Which? praised this model for its outstanding cleaning, quiet operation and excellent allergen retention.

“It was excellent on carpet, floorboards and laminate….This vac has really powerful suction which means it’s quite difficult to push along carpets on maximum power. But you can select a lower setting to make it a little less strenuous on the arms.” (states which.co.uk August 10)

They also complimented the 12 metre reach (which they say compares with an average 9.2m reach for all the vacs they have tested) and highlighted the washable filters with indicator light, the larger than average bag capacity and the fact the suction remains powerful as the bag fills up, so you shouldn’t need to change them too frequently.

Which? also liked the on board cleaning tool saying: “There’s a nifty three-in-one accessory tool which combines a crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture brush. It stores on the vac, which means you don’t have to carry extra bits and pieces around while you clean.”

Best Buy AEG-Ultrasilencer AUS 3965P: – September 2010 Which? Magazine

Which? magazine says that this model is one of the quietest they’ve seen:

“At just 66 decibels, the Ultrasilencer is quiet enough to have a conversation over without needing to raise your voice. We’ve tested vacs that are as loud as 86 decibels – equivalent to city traffic. So, if you need to vacuum late at night or early in the morning and don’t want to disturb others this is ideal.” (states which.co.uk August 10)

Which? found that it cleaned carpet, floorboards and laminate excellently and noted that the suction can be adjusted from low to high to suit the surface being cleaned.

Which? also says this model is fantastic at retaining the small dust particles and allergens it sucks up, ‘good if you’ve got an allergy sufferer at home’. They also pointed out that it ‘ably reaches into corners and alongside walls so you won’t find a rim of dust around the edge of the room.’

The report notes that the suction stays powerful as the bag fills up and that the filters are washable so you don’t need to spend cash on replacements.

Like the Ultraone, Which? praised its better than average reach of more than 12 metres: “You can cover plenty of distance before you’ll be required to change plug sockets” – and they liked the three-in-one accessory tool and its on board storage.

Best Buy AEG-Electrolux Ultraactive AUA 3840T : Aug 2010 which.co.uk

Which? magazine says this did well in all its cleaning tests and made short work of cleaning pet hair. It also pointed out that there are useful features for those less able to bend down.

“It excels at cleaning floorboards and sucking up pet hair, and does a great job on carpets and laminate floors too. It comes with a large floor-powered turbo nozzle, but we found the standard nozzle worked best. This reaches into corners and alongside walls so you won’t be left with a rim of dust around the edge of the room.”

Which? praised the model’s allergen retention and suction which they found remained strong as it fills up, ‘so you won’t have to empty it before it’s full’.

Which? complimented the easy-to-reach suction controls on the handle, which they said means you don’t need to bend down to change the setting and the elasticated bumper cord round the body of the vac which helps hold the hose in place when storing it.

Like the other two AEG best buys Which? liked the reach, the three in one accessory tool with on board storage.



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