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Tasty Christmas Cooking tips from AEG and Daylesford Organic Cookery School

AEG loves these ‘Essential Tips for Christmas Cooking’ all created by Daylesford Organic Cookery School chef Vladimir Niza. The Cookery School is kitted out with state-of-the-art AEG ovens and hobs so we are delighted that all of these tips have been perfected on AEG appliances! We hope you will love these great ideas for perfect roast potatoes, roast turkey, delicious cranberry sauce and much more! PLEASE CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Arm – from Guitar Players to Dishwashers

To mark the end of the 8 year long development of its latest dishwasher spray arm, AEG is celebrating the significance of the arm in all its glory. Therefore they are now launching the site www.stateofthearm.com: paying a tribute to the importance of the arm in the worlds of sports, culture, technology and telling the stories of the engineers behind the development of one of the biggest arms in time. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

New upright Electrolux vacuum cleaner that excels at pet hair pick up!

Hair is one of the most difficult things to pick up when cleaning. Electrolux’s consumer insight shows that four out of ten homes have one or more pets – cats and dogs. So a vacuum cleaner that can really perform and lift away the hairs and smells that pets inevitably leave embedded in carpets, rugs and upholstery is essential. When you consider that 6 out of 10 woman under 30 have long hair the appeal of a cleaner that can pick up hair easily spreads way beyond just pet owners. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

Electrolux sustainability leader in Durable Household Products industry according to 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

In the review of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) announced today, Electrolux is named Durable Household Products industry leader. The DJSI World includes the 10% best-in-class economic, environmental and social performers among the world’s 2,500 largest companies. Please click on headline for full story.

New AEG website tempts the taste buds www.aeg.co.uk

New website launched: www.aeg.co.uk
It is estimated that up to 90% of kitchen purchasers do some of their research online before they visit a kitchen showroom — and the new AEG website is guaranteed to get their taste buds working overtime! Please click on headline for more.

Vacuum Cleaners Crawl out of the Waters

Next Chapter of Vac from the Sea Initiative Revealed
Today, Electrolux reveals five unique vacuum cleaners that have been made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans (4 of which are pictured here). The event marks the next chapter and continuation of the Vac from the Sea initiative that aims to raise awareness around ocean plastic waste and inspire consumers and industry to more recycling.