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Stunning new modular hobs from AEG’s Neue Kollektion: CrystalLine

CrystalLine, a new collection of cooking modules from AEG, will let you creatively customise your cooking zones according to what you like to cook and however you like to cook it. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

New from AEG Neue Kollektion: The AEG MaxiKlasse™ oven – for perfect cooking in every corner

New MaxiKlasse™ovens from AEG cook food more evenly and efficiently, no matter where it is placed in the oven. MaxiKlasse™ ovens in AEG’s Neue Kollektion offer more control, more efficiency and more capacity – all within standard external dimensions. More than 1,000 cooking tests have been performed showing an average food quality improvement of 12% with the MaxiKlasse™ ThermiC°Air System, compared to the previous Hot Air System. TheThermiC°Air system circulates the hot air evenly throughout the interior, which means that the food will cook evenly at any of the oven’s five shelf positions. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

AEG ‘Neue Kollektion’ ProCombi steam oven: Unlocks flavours and enhance tastes like a professional

The AEG ProCombi Steam Oven enhances flavours and preserves nutrients – in Neue Kollektion style! Long the choice of professional chefs, steam ovens are becoming a must have for people who are passionate about cooking because of the way they enhance flavours, moisture and colour while controlling surface textures. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

AEG Neue Kollektion Street Hood: Designed to make a statement, engineered to do it quietly

The new AEG Neue Kollektion’s wall-mounted Street Hood is a visual centerpiece that does its job in the background.

Designed to align with the other appliances within the kitchen, the Street Hood’s precise, geometric composition of glass and stainless steel expresses a minimalist combination of performance and simplicity. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY

New from AEG’s Neue Kollektion: MaxiSense® induction hob with first TFT controls in Europe

MaxiSense®, the AEG induction hob that adjusts to the shape of the pan, gets intuitive, interactive MaxiSight™ TFT color display – the first colour TFT display for hobs in Europe. As part of its Neue Kollektion launch, AEG is improving the way people will interact with its top-of-the-line MaxiSense® induction hob. FOR FULL STORY PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE.

Simpler, more human: AEG rewrites its design signature for Neue Kollektion

Neue Kollektion products combine pared down, minimalist forms with more engaging, interactive control functions.
AEG is launching new products in all categories that speak a new design language that is both simpler and more humane. A strong design signature connects across the range, creating an aligned, integrated look. Horizontal lines give a sense of flow and integrity, while vertical lines delineate the intuitive control panels. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

AEG revamps its touch points in order to bring the brand back closer to its core consumer.

The AEG brand has been revamped and the biggest change is the launch of an entire new range of technologically advanced products with sharper looking design: Neue Kollektion. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

The Neue Kollektion will span all our product lines – built-in and freestanding and will be launched in the UK during the first half of 2011. The Neue Kollektion combines a new design philosophy with solid AEG engineering and includes all our latest innovations. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

Ferrari bites the dust – beaten by AEG’s new vacuum cleaner

The fastest Ferrari available accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. A dust particle does it in 0.009 with AEG’s new high velocity vacuum cleaners (JetMaxx pictured right with bag and SuperCyclone without bag). PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.

New AEG UltraSilencer – silent power and high performance

AEG’s new UltraSilencer is the quietest cleaner in the world!
AEG’s latest UltraSilencer models in fresh new colours have a noise level of just 68dB (A), the quietest vacuum cleaner ever produced. The average vacuum cleaner noise level is 78dB (A). Both models feature patented Silent Air Technology™, which took 3 years to develop. This focuses on the airflow, increasing the performance while decreasing noise. Furthermore the isolation and suspension of the motor are built to reduce vibrations to a minimum. This means you can listen to music or the TV, use the phone, leave sleeping children undisturbed or have a conversation while you vacuum. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

AEG’s New UltraOne Vacuum Cleaner – now available in stunning chocolate brown

AEG UltraOne: A vacuum cleaner that comes top of its class and is beautiful enough to win a Design Award

At AEG we focus on making appliances which are ‘Perfect in Form and Function’. Our powerful, technologically advanced, super-quiet vacuum cleaners are engineered to perform at the highest level – for perfect results on carpets and hard floors. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR FULL STORY.