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ProClean: AEG re-engineers the dishwasher for today’s daily loads and lifestyles – in Neue Kollektion design


AEG F99015vi0p ProClean Built In dishwasher

The new ProClean dishwashers from AEG combine superior cleaning in the largest loadable space in the market with perfect kitchen integration to really meet today’s consumers’ needs.

After eight years of development and thousands of home visits and webcam recordings, a revolution in dishwashing is at hand in Europe, where household dishwasher penetration has plenty of room to grow from its current level of just 43 percent.

While most companies have decided to offer more capacity for so-called standard place settings in the same space, the AEG ProClean is based on the simple observation that people have different habits and lifestyles and there’s no such thing as a standard load of dishes in the first place.

“We observed dishes piling up in the sink as well as people constantly rearranging loads to optimize capacity,” comments Sophie Davidson of AEG. “This indicates that today’s dishwashers are not a complete solution to washing dishes, while consumers are asking for perfect results no matter how they load and what they load”

Superior cleaning results

ProClean dishwashers have a revolutionary washing system, part of which is the unique ProClean Spray arm that combines a slowly moving arm with a high-speed rotating satellite arm mounted on it. Instead of always spraying water in from a similar angle with every rotation, as traditional spray arms do, the ProClean spray arm has a double rotation that ensures thorough spray coverage, even in the most awkward areas and in the most crowded loads

Together with a third spray arm and five spray levels, this revolutionary approach guarantees superior results in daily use and eliminates the need for re-washing or pre-rinsing – even for consumers who insist on perfection.

Free the sink!

ProClean dishwashers also offer the largest loading capacity on the market – 10 litres more loadable capacity than an average dishwasher yet still keeping the same external dimensions. At the same time, their unique wave form baskets offer better loadability, cleaning, and drying of dishware of any shape and size. Foldable racks and LevelControl system allow consumers to manage space according to their everyday needs, and soft spikes allow consumers to fit their most delicate glasses without running any risk of damaging them.

Perfect kitchen integration

As kitchens continue to be more of a socializing hub, consumers want appliances to be totally integrated within their kitchen environment in terms of both noise (they don’t want to be disturbed) and design (they want a nice kitchen to be proud of).

 The ProClean range is extremely quiet, some models only 37dB in Extra Silent mode – so quiet that consumers can’t hear when the dishwasher is running. AEG therefore equipped ProClean with Time Beam technology that projects an image on the floor showing the exact remaining time until the end of the cycle.

Auto Off: This energy efficient dishwasher range is also the first to feature Auto Off . This function switches the machine off when it is finished, rather than leaving it in standby, thus saving energy.

AEG F99015vi0p ProClean Built In dishwasher

 XXL capacity

 Satellite spray arm

 9 Programmes

 Multitab

 1-24 Hour time delay

 10 litre water consumption

 39 db noise level (37 db in extra silent mode)

 Height adjustable full load

 Foldable plate racks

 TimeBeam

 DryTech system

 Auto Off

 Interior Light

 Third ceiling spray arm

 A+AA rated

 Expected Selling Price £799.99

Consumer Contact Details:


Tel 08445 611611


Trade Sale Number 08445 610561


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