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Electrolux to be Tier one partner of the international Film Festival de Cannes


As of this year, Electrolux, a leading appliance manufacturer for both professional and household use, will start its partnership with the Cannes Film Festival. During the festival, taking place from May 11-22, Electrolux will offer support in the fields of fashion, food and lifestyle, for which it will work together with its partner experts. The aim of Electrolux is to show its consumers that they, themselves, can create Cannes like moments at their homes by using their Electrolux appliances.

“We are really excited about being part of creating the magic of Cannes and bringing this source of inspiration to our consumers,” says Robert Jan Galema, Senior Vice President Product and Brand at Electrolux,” we can encourage our consumers to use our appliances to create the same grandeur in their own environment.”

Electrolux will be responsible for the catering of special occasions, such as the opening gala, and the daily lunches of the Festival.

Furthermore, Electrolux fashion care products, such as domestic washing machines and tumble dryers with special features will be used to make clothes look stunning on the red carpet.

Finally, Electrolux will also create a joint space with the Cannes Film Festival in which it will host all of its activities, such as the gala diners, press conferences and lunches.

Within this Electrolux pavilion, the company will also host the final of it’s Menu de Cannes competition, where two teams from different markets compete into making the lunch for the jury deliberation, presided by Robert de Niro.

The partnership is part of the new marketing approach by Electrolux, focusing on establishing a dialogue with consumers.

This dialogue will take place using many different channels, since it would be impossible to bring all Electrolux consumers to Cannes. “And so we have to bring Cannes to our consumers,” tells Neil Gannon, Director of Marketing Expertise and responsible for marketing communications. “Consumers will be able to experience Cannes via interacting with us at our own events around Europe, on-line through our websites but also using social and mainstream media such as the Electrolux facebook page. We will be able to give them a look behind the scenes of Cannes and how to create their special moments.”

For more information, please contact: Susan Dean at the Electrolux Press Office  susan@dmcpr.co.uk +44 7778 791373

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