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NEW! Zanussi 8kg Auto Sense+ For Easy Life Drying!

The new Zanussi ZDC68560W 8kg Auto Sense+ automatically dries in one go all large loads and even looks after your delicate woollen garments

NEW Zanussi top of the range 8kg washing machine with JetSystem+ to save you time, energy and water

The New Zanussi ZWJ14591W will help you get great results with less time and effort! Zanussi Jetsystem+ technology will not only save you time, energy, water and detergent, it means you can free up your time to have fun getting them dirty again!

World’s best chefs select Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana as the best restaurant in the world

The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restarant Awards ( London on the 18th of April) saw Massimo Bottura receive the Electrolux Chef’s Choice award for his Modena based restaurant Osteria Francescana. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

AEG State of the Art Training Academy Opens in Luton

As part of Electrolux’s multimillion pound investment in its AEG brand, a superb, fully equipped, state of the art AEG Training Academy has opened in Luton.

The Electrolux Rapido: A more beautiful way to conquer crumbs!

Tidying up as one goes along keeps small clean-ups from snowballing into big ones, making life with family and friends more enjoyable. That’s why Electrolux designed the Rapido vacuum cleaner to blend in with the décor of modern kitchens. Since it can be stored in plain sight, it’s always right at hand, ready to whisk away crumbs, spills and drips as they happen.

The similarity between a Stradivarius – and a vacuum cleaner: The UltraOne Design Story

There’s an art and science to building a truly quiet vacuum cleaner. It becomes especially complicated when it also has to be the strongest, most effective vacuum cleaner on the market. The result is the UltraOne: top-tested for its low noise levels and boasting design influences from musical instruments. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

No More Noisy Vacuuming – With the Help of ‘Santa’s beard’

One of the biggest nuisances of vacuum-cleaning is the noise they make. To eliminate this irritation, AEG has produced advanced mathematical calculations isolating and identifying all of the sounds and tones created in a vacuum. The final result: the UltraOne, where sound is absorbed and reduced by using a porous fiberglass weave, or ‘Santa’s beard’, and a minimum amount of sharp, uneven edges.

AEG embarks on a major press advertising campaign for its Neue Kollektion range.

AEG Perfekt in Form und Funktion: Consumer Press campaign across all categories reinforces the AEG message that the brand is all about superior performance time after time. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

New MaxiKlasse™ free standing cookers from AEG

The new stunning stainless steel MaxiKlasse™ cookers from AEG’s Neue Kollektion offer more space, more efficiency and more capacity – all within standard external dimensions. And the new top of the range model brings the acclaimed MaxiSense™ induction hob and multifunction cooking to its range of freestanding cookers.

Your Chance to Test an AEG ProCombi Steam Oven

To celebrate AEG’s Partnership with Taste Festivals any Taste Club Member can apply to test and win a superb AEG ProCombi steam oven and VIP Tickets to Taste of London. But hurry please! Entry deadline is 13th April. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.