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AEG Neue Kollektion appliances chosen for Eco Village Demonstration House

AEG is delighted that its appliances were selected for the Eco Village Demonstration House kitchen which was opened in Bicester this month by local MP for North Oxfordshire, Tony Baldry.

Introducing the Electrolux T8: A light and compact bagless model with continuous suction for outstanding cleaning

Today’s consumers want their vacuum cleaner to be powerful, attractive, and equipped with the right tools for effective cleaning on all surfaces. Electrolux’s new T8 ticks all the boxes : a lightweight, compact, versatile model which offers continous suction with 8 cyclones for superb results.

Introducing the new AirSpeed – the Deep Cleaning Upright Vacuum Cleaner from Electrolux

The Electrolux Airspeed has been developed to ensure deep, thorough cleaning of carpets and hard floors as well as surfaces with pet hair – all thanks to its unique AirSpeed technology. Already a Best Buy in the US under the Eureka brand (ConsumerReport.org), the AirSpeed launches in the UK this month.

Zanussi’s ‘STOP WASHING UP’ campaign kicks off this month!

During May and June, Zanussi will team up with Finish detergent to embark on an innovative PR and social media campaign called ‘Stop Washing Up!’. The main aim of the campaign is to increase dishwasher consideration in the UK – and ultimately sales of Zanussi dishwashers – by making the audience aware of the benefits of dishwashers over washing up by hand. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

Wi-Fi washing machine ‘iBasket’ and portable cooker ‘The Snail’ at Ideal Home Show Scotland 27th – 30th May

Winner of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition: The Snail is a portable heating and cooking device based on magnetic induction processes. Such is the size and versatility of the Snail, it can be stuck directly on to a pot, a pan, a mug etc. to heat the contents.This reduces the amount of space required for conventional cooking whilst adding portability to the process. Powered by a high density sugar crystal battery, the Snail converts the energy from the sugar, heating up a coil to conduct the magnetic induction process to the utensil. Integrated sensors detect the food type being heated; automatically adjusting the time and temperature. A simple touch sensitive display with interface helps to monitor the proces

Electrolux at Cannes: latest blog includes catwalk stories and Naomi Campbell

Extract from our latest blog from Cannes Film Festival is below: please visit our blog at www.lemenudecannes.com for more.

Electrolux ‘Le Menu de Cannes’ winners cook for Robert de Niro and Cannes Festival Jury

Team Les Cook and Roll, the winners of Electrolux’s Le Menu de Cannes competition, received high praise from the Festival Jury today as Robert de Niro professed a love of French cuisine and congratulated them on a very good meal.

Today’s Festival de Cannes Jury lunch was the culmination of top tier sponsor Electrolux’s first ever ‘Le Menu de Cannes Les Cook and Roll, the winners of Electrolux’s Le Menu de Cannes competition received high praise ’ competition: a succession of prestigious challenges across France and Russia where chefs, stylists and designers competed to create the most elegant Cannes-like dining moments. PLEASE CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR MORE.

Electrolux at Cannes: Blog number 6 now posted – lunch with Alain Ducasse

To find out more about lunch with the world’s only 28 michelin star chef visit our blog here:www.lemenudecannes.com. For high res images please visit our flickr page here.

Electrolux Cannes: Alain Ducasse and Jean Paul Gaultier feature in our latest blog

If you would like to know more about the sumptious chocolate cocktail created by Alain Ducasse for the opening dinner – or see how Jean Paul Gaultier’s re-designed Piper Heidsieck champagne bottle – please check our our latest blogs here at www.lemenudecannes.com. Please click on headline for more.

Electrolux at Cannes: Night time – Movies, Magic and Mafia. Enjoy our 3rd blog!

The evening began with ‘the mafia’ at Cannes’ Majestic Hotel, where, with the Festival’s main premiere over for the day, the crowds had gathered to catch a glimpse of the glitterati.
Please click on the headline for more.