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Electrolux Design Lab: Celebrating Ten Years of Innovation


Sous-vide cell cooker from 2011 by Adam Miklosi

Having spawned ideas such as Mars colonisation robots, vacuum cleaner slippers and meat growing machines, Electrolux Design Lab looks back at a decade of groundbreaking design. Starting out as a collaborative competition between Electrolux and a select group of European design schools, Electrolux Design Lab is today a truly global completion receiving thousands of contributions every year.

For over a decade Electrolux Design Lab has been pushing the boundaries of appliance design and established itself as one of the leading global competitions for industrial design students. In 2002 Electrolux started a project with a select group of European design schools (Hungarian University of Art & Design, SADBK Stuttgart, ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris and the Politecnico di Milano). Today Electrolux Design Lab is a major industrial design competition engaging design students all over the world.

“Ten years ago we set out map the future. Where is our industry heading? How will we cook, clean and wash our clothes in the years to come? What will the appliance of the future look like? To date we have reviewed over 10 000 design concepts but each year I’m seeing concepts and ideas I never thought possible. It’s just a great experience.“  Says Henrik Otto, Vice President of Global Design at Electrolux.

Previous competitions, themes and winners:

2003, – User driven solutions. Winners: Tamas Cosovan, Hosszu Gergely, Franziska Schmid, Dominik Langhammer,  Domenico Farina, Wolfgang Stegmann, Taro Gragnato, Catia Sul and Nicolas de Benoist. During the competition in 2003 there were no specified overall winner selected

2004– Designs for 2015. Winners: Ross Nichols, Douglas Nash and Oysten Lie. Concept: Rockpool.

2005 – Designs for 2020. Winners: Wendy Chua and Gabriel Tan. Concept: Air Wash.

2006 – Designs for healthy eating habits. Winner: Metin Kaplan Concept: Nevale.

2007– Eco Design. Winner: Levente Szabo. Concept: E-Wash.

2008– The internet generation. Winner: Stefan Buchberger. Concept: Flatshare.

2009– Design for the next 90 years. Winner: Rikard Hederstierna. Concept: Cocoon.

2010– The 2nd space age. Winner: Peter Alwin. Concept: The Snail.

2011– Intelligent mobility. Winner: Adrian Mankovecký. Concept: Portable Spot Cleaner.


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