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Electrolux introduces dehumidifiers to home comfort range


Introducing a dehumidifier into your home can help to protect your family from the unwelcome side effects of excess moisture and significantly improve air quality.

“We do the best we can to protect our families and our homes because we all want to live as comfortably as possible” says Andrew Trainer, Product Manager for Home Comfort at Electrolux. “Something we often overlook is the quality of the air around us. Excessive moisture in our homes can cause unwanted side effects, some of which we may not be aware of”.

There are many different types of homes that can benefit from a dehumidifier, particularly at this time of year. “Through the winter months many of us will dry our laundry indoors. As our damp clothes hang on airers and radiators, the moisture is transferred into the air around us.” says Andrew Trainer. “Introducing a dehumidifier into the home will not only speed up the dying process, but also regulate air humidity and collect excess moisture.”

Excessively moist homes can encourage the growth of common allergens such as fungus and mould as well as attract unwanted pests such as dust mites and silverfish. Mould can also cause irreversible damage and staining to wallpaper and soft furnishings.

Controlling humidity also improves air quality, which is better for you and your family’s health. If a family member has a cold or a congested cough for example, a dehumidifier may also help them to sleep better at night.

Electrolux dehumidifiers are available in two sizes and are ideal for 2-3 bedroom homes (EXD15DN3W) and 3-4 bedroom homes (EXD25DN3W). Simply plug in, and they will quickly begin to remove excess moisture and stabilise humidity levels.

Intuitive and stylish design

Electrolux dehumidifiers are unobtrusive in design and use advanced electronic controls to display instant feedback on a clear LCD screen. The intelligent AutoOff feature will switch the dehumidifier off when either the tank is full, or the desired humidity level has been reached. A 24 hour timer, delay start timer and adjustable fan level also give you complete control.

Electrolux EXD15DN3W dehumidifier

  • Extracts up to 15 litres of moisture per day
  • Suitable for a 2-3 bedroom house
  • AutoOff intelligent control
  • 24hr timer and delay start options
  • 5 litre tank capacity
  • Digital LCD display
  • Touch controls
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Portable and lightweight (13kg)
  • Dimensions: 37cm (Width) x 29cm (Depth) x 50cm (Height)
  • £199.99

Available from Curry’s & John Lewis

Also available: EXD25DN3W for up 25 litres of extraction per day

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