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Electrolux introduces its first ever pyrolytic and steam oven

For the best of both worlds: professional levels of cooking and cleanliness.

Electrolux introduces ‘smart phone’ style interactive colour touch screen control

The colour touch screen guides you intuitively through the menus until you find the right settings.

Wok cooking taken to the next level with the new Electrolux Inspiration VerticalFlame Gas on Glass hob

Inspired by the needs of professional chefs, the stylish Electrolux 75cm gas on glass VerticalFlame hob gives users a restaurant style flame in their own kitchen.

AEG launches ProCombi SousVide Oven, bringing professional cooking techniques into the home

AEG’s ProCombi SousVide brings the precisely controlled cooking method of professional chefs to its multifunction steam oven to deliver melt-in-the-mouth flavoursome and nutritious food at home. The addition of the AEG vacuum-sealer drawer completes the sous vide system.