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Electrolux introduces its new CompactDry dehumidifier range!

Electrolux introduces its new range of stylish dehumidifiers for even better wellbeing in your home. Introducing a dehumidifier into your home can help to protect your family from the unwelcome side effects of excess moisture and significantly improve air quality. If a family member has a cold or a congested cough for example, a dehumidifier may help them to sleep better at night.

AEG is proud to be Title Partner of Taste of London 2015

AEG will inspire, delight and engage with tips and techniques to show visitors to the world’s greatest restaurant festival how to take taste further.

Five UK students come up with innovative designs which have made it to the first stage of the Electrolux Design Lab 2015 competition

A ‘Teddy Bair’ that monitors your child’s air, a Cot that helps your baby sleep, and a ‘Food Hub’ where experience points unlocks further recipes….these are some of the ideas UK student finalists have come up with to earn a place in the top 100 stage of the Global Electrolux Design Lab competition

AEG introduces its latest 4Safety™ Precision Iron

A distinctive ergonomic design with built-in safety features and precision control sets these irons apart from the crowd. Now, AEG is delighted to introduce a brand new model in a stunning Steel Blue finish, available for May 2015. The model is equipped with a 3 way safety auto-off feature: an automatic switch off after 30sec or 8min of inactivity (depending on the position). If you ever leave the iron on by mistake, you will have peace of mind that it will switch itself off before any damage can be done.

AEG’s Grand Designs Live stand captured on camera by lucky winners of #AEGmoments competition

AEG’s stunning stand at Grand Designs Live this year was a huge success. Feedback from visitors who enjoyed culinary demos around steam and induction in the ‘Let’s Taste Live Kitchen’ was excellent. The Care area, which showcased the latest laundry and dishwashing appliances, was also a big draw for consumers.

The new AEG Compact range of ovens will take you to a new level of cooking and taste perfection

The cooking process is ultimately about the end result: the best tasting food possible. To achieve this, an oven needs to offer exceptional responsiveness and accuracy. AEG has designed its new compact range with exactly this in mind. Star of the range is the new AEG Pyroluxe 45cm oven which delivers delicious, ‘cooked to perfection’ results that match those of the very best standard sized models.

AEG PyroLuxe® Plus oven helps you to cook tastier food thanks to its best-in-class responsiveness and feedback

The new AEG PyroLuxe® Plus oven combines premium design with outstanding performance, to bring cooking excellence directly into the home. AEG’s pyrolytic technology ensures your oven always looks and cooks like new, so you can create delicious flavoursome food every time.

AEG launches intelligent steam and multifunction oven that sets new boundaries for great tasting cuisine

New techniques adapted for the domestic market have been incorporated into AEG’s new ProCombi Plus oven to ensure the end result – great tasting food – surpasses all else. It is well known that combining steam and heat creates delicious tasting food. Throw in sous vide and you have the ultimate cooking appliance that will ensure your food has all the taste, texture and goodness locked in!

Take taste further with a hob that transforms the cooking experience from ordinary to exceptional

The cooking process is ultimately about achieving the end result: the best tasting food possible. To achieve this a hob needs to offer exceptional responsiveness and accuracy. AEG has designed its new hob with exactly this in mind.

Care for your cashmere with AEG’s ÖKOMix washing machine

This top rated 9kg washing machine from AEG has an integrated pre-mix system for perfectly consistent cleaning and even better fabric care. Keep your cashmere special for longer. Our ÖKOMix 1400rpm, 9kg washing machine cares for your clothes, using only the energy that’s needed and nothing else.