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Out of Africa: is this the oldest Vacuum Cleaner in Bedfordshire?

A 1959 Electrolux vacuum cleaner, still in its original box and still going strong! Mr Ian Ferguson and his wife Maggie from Wheathampstead, contacted AEG to reveal they had an original LUX 1 Electrolux vacuum, bought in Ghana in 1959. AEG, part of Electrolux PLC, presented Mr & Mrs Ferguson with two brand new state of the art vacuum cleaners to continue the cleaning legacy – but this time more quietly, with superb energy efficiency and a performance that the last century’s cleaners just can’t match thanks to modern technology.

IFA 2015 Preview: World´s first connected steam oven with integrated camera lets you create delicious dishes through your mobile device

The new AEG combination steam oven with the first ever integrated camera gives you the right tools to create flavoursome dishes. The oven can be connected to your mobile device giving you instant inspiration, overview, feedback and control of the cooking process, even when you’re not in the kitchen.              […]

IFA 2015 Preview: The new cooker hoods that automatically adapt to your cooking

Interactive Smart appliances are part of a major trend towards the connected kitchen. AEG’s two new ranges of cooker hoods contribute to this movement. The new hoods automatically adjust their settings to your cooking, in order to provide a better kitchen environment with minimal odors and noise, all wrapped up in a sleek, modern design. […]

IFA 2015 Preview: The mobile app that helps care for clothes

“I just do what my parents do” is a common answer when people are asked how they care for their clothes. But time has changed and new technologies have made old habits outdated. If we learn how to care for our clothes better, we can prolong their lifetime, make better use out of our wardrobes […]

IFA 2015 Preview: New AEG washer dryer changes misperceptions

A new washer dryer from AEG brings a modern, 2-in-1 solution to the market that can change misperceptions about combining two appliances into one. Thanks to AEG’s innovative DualSense™ technology, the machine cares for the whole wardrobe and is the first-ever washer dryer with a dedicated silk program for both washing and drying. The washer […]

IFA 2015 Preview: Smarter cooking and washing with AEG

IFA connects people, AEG connects home appliances – and AEG has chosen connectivity as one of the top themes for its newly designed stand at this year’s trade show. Next week AEG will be presenting highlights in the areas of washing and cooking, and showcasing appliances with smart functions.  In addition, an app which promises […]

The gentlest way to dry – The AEG AbsoluteCare tumble dryer

From cottons to cashmere, the AEG AbsoluteCare tumble dryer enables you to dry even the most delicate items with complete peace of mind. In fact, AEG AbsoluteCare dryers guarantee no shrinkage* compared to flat drying. Tailored drying for the gentlest care This AEG takes excellent care of all your clothes, including hand-wash only woollens and […]

Care and confidence with every wash; AEG introduces new washing machine to existing range of laundry appliances

From small to large loads, our new Woolmark blue accredited AEG washing machine will ensure every load is washed with care and efficiency. From pillows to duvets, shirts to sheets, this clever AEG will ensure optimum conditions for every wash. Always the most efficient Our AEG washing machine features innovative AutoSense technology which automatically adjusts […]