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IFA 2015 Preview: World´s first connected steam oven with integrated camera lets you create delicious dishes through your mobile device


The new AEG combination steam oven with the first ever integrated camera gives you the right tools to create flavoursome dishes. The oven can be connected to your mobile device giving you instant inspiration, overview, feedback and control of the cooking process, even when you’re not in the kitchen.                                                                                                   

The interest in cooking great tasting, healthy food at home is increasing at the same time as connected appliances are entering the market. AEG is creating innovative products within these two areas and has fused them together through the ProCombi Plus Smart oven. The new steam oven is equipped with the CookView® camera; a camera that provides a live feed direct from your oven to your mobile device (iOS or Android). Through the mobile application and WiFi access, the camera gives you an overview of the food in the oven even if you’re in another room in your home. With the My AEG app you can start cooking through your mobile device and also respond instantly, changing temperature and humidity level or switching function with a simple touch or swipe on your smart phone or iPad. This means that you can now control and stay close to the food in the oven – without having to leave the table and your dinner guests.

Smart and social interaction to take taste further

The app will also do some of the thinking for you based on what you want to achieve. For example, you can choose what temperature you want your meat cooked at and you can also choose from hundreds of professional recipes from the database in the app. Notifications will then give you updates and alerts when you need to get actively involved in the cooking process, which helps ensure the best results. You can filter the large number of recipes based on parameters such as diet, cost, occasion, ingredients or cooking technique.

Within the Social Feed section you can get food inspiration from AEGs social channels and you can also share your cooking results with your friends, captured live from the camera in the oven. To support you through the whole process, a shopping list is generated with input from the recipe.

The ultimate tool to explore steam cooking

In addition to the camera, the oven is equipped with several other features to create culinary experiences for all senses. Steam cooking is a rapidly growing trend and adding steam takes your cooking to the next level by preserving the taste, colors and nutrients of the ingredients. It means you can be sure that your bread as well as your roast is moist and succulent on the inside with a crispy skin or crust on the outside– every time. A common misconception that people have is that you need two ovens to achieve mouth-watering results; one for steaming and one for hot air. With the AEG ProCombi Plus Smart, you will get two ovens in one and thanks to the camera in the oven and the app, you will get the optimal support when embracing steam cooking as a cooking technique.

The AEG ProCombi Plus Smart is equipped with the company’s FullTaste® Steam System and a professional humidity sensor, ensuring the optimum combination of steam, moisture and heat. The oven also has a sous-vide function for cooking in vacuum sealed bags; a growing trend which enables slow cooking at low temperatures where all aromas, taste and nutrients are sealed and preserved.

The app will further support you as functions that are not frequently used will be visualized in the app. Those functions are linked to relevant recipes so that you can develop your cooking skills and try new functions and techniques.

Connected appliances: the future

The connected oven with camera will be showcased at IFA and will be available on the market in April 2016. The mobile app with all the recipes but without the connectivity is already available to download from Apple and Google stores (search for Let’s Taste until new version, “My AEG”, is launched in January 2016). The connected oven will be showcased as part of the company’s connected kitchen at IFA.

“AEG believes that connected appliances need to offer a seamless and convenient consumer experience – built on open, standardized platforms that make it easy for consumers to add appliances to their existing network of connected devices,” says Peter Spencer, General Manager UK & Ireland at Electrolux.  “By taking a tour through the specially designed My Smart Home – a large-scale, accessible model of a fully connected home – visitors to the AEG booth can experience how connectivity facilitates and enriches everyday life.”

As part of the Electrolux Group, AEG is a member of the AllSeen Alliance; the world’s largest collaborative open source project to ensure interoperability within the Internet of Things, and counts more than 170 members across multiple industries.



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