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AEG SteamBake™ wins gold award for innovation AEG


AEG is delighted to announce that its range of built-in ovens with SteamBake™ technology took home a gold award for ‘Innovation in Technology’ at the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2016.

The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards is a highly regarded and much anticipated event, acknowledging the very best in design from the kitchen and bathroom industry; awarding products that bring a unique quality to the market. The winners were announced in a ceremony on Wednesday 9th November in London.

Vanessa Holloway, Senior Consumer Marketing Managers, says: “A Designer Kitchen & Bathroom award is a real honour and we couldn’t be more pleased that AEG SteamBake™ technology has been given the recognition it deserves. The SteamBake™ function is the perfect introduction to steam, allowing consumers to experiment with their everyday cooking and to achieve better baking results at home.”

SteamBake™ technology offers a completely new product-line concept to the kitchen industry; making AEG the first appliance manufacuturer to offer a steam option at no extra cost on its mid-level built-in ovens.

In addition to all of the fantastic benefits of a multifunction oven, this new range has been designed to accommodate a small quantity of water in the base of the oven for an even distribution of steam. Once filled with water and SteamBake™ has been activated, a humid atmosphere is created during the first 10 –15 minutes of baking, ideal for enhancing many baked goods. After the steam dissipates, dry hot air results in even browning, a perfect rise, moist cakes and bread that has a crisp golden crust but is wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside.

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