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Mission To Uncover Asian Cooking And Dining Habits


Asian Food Survey 2010

With the launch of Asian Food Survey 2010, Electrolux has started one of the largest Asian food surveys to seek out local eating and culinary habits across eight Asian countries – China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Launched in May 2010 with a target survey size of 5,000 Asians, the online survey is conducted in English, Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu, Thai and Mandarin via each country’s local Electrolux website.

The survey will provide interesting and valuable insights into the latest trends in food preparation here in Asia, as well as the motivations of the Asian consumer when it comes to food and dining. Ultimately, the aim of this survey is to gather opinions from consumers and in turn, use such information to better create meaningful dining experiences.

The survey comprises a questionnaire of multiple-choice questions about food preparation, cooking and dining habits. The questionnaire has been made available since May and the survey will run till the end of July .

Some of the interesting questions asked in the survey:

  • How long AFTER the “Best before date” would you still use the food?
  • How often do you follow a recipe when you are cooking at home?
  • How does the quality of fresh food you buy compare to a few years ago? Is it getting better or worse?
  • Do you worry about you and your families’ health when dining out?

This is the second time since 2007 that Electrolux has conducted a survey of this scale,and the results of the previous survey in 2007 generated some fascinating insights into the eating and dining habits of the average Asian consumer. The survey revealed that 35 per cent of respondents ate in front of the TV at least five times a week. Japan had 51 per cent of its respondents believe that dinner was actually the most important meal of the day, contrary to the popular belief of that meal being breakfast. Another interesting discovery was that 41 per cent of the 9,000 respondents indicated that the pleasure of eating was the main component of a good meal, as opposed to eating for the sake of sustenance or ”just filling the stomach”.

To take part in Asian Food Survey 2010, visit your local Electrolux website. The survey questionnaire will appear after two minutes. Complete it and you will stand a chance to win some attractive prizes.

The Electrolux Asian Food Survey aims to uncover Asian cooking and dining habits

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