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Best of Both Worlds with New Induction and Gas Hob


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Marrying European elegance with Asian functionality, Electrolux’s new induction and gas hob looks to be the new ‘IT’ appliance in the Asian kitchen.

With the ever-growing popularity of induction cooking technology, one of the nagging issues that has continually plagued conventional induction hobs has been the unsuitability of the current technology with Asian cooking techniques. Asian cooking places a heavy emphasis on discerning stir-frying skills, as well as precise soup simmering techniques. While induction may be great for simmer control, traditional gas is still the preferred choice when the wok is used to create Asian cooking’s many delectable stir-fry dishes.

Thus, Electrolux has come up with the perfect solution for this predicament by introducing the new induction and gas hob that combines the two cooking technologies to benefit the Asian kitchen.

“The hob offers a sense of balance despite two very distinct cooking technologies,” said Ms Pernilla Johansson, Design Director, Electrolux Asia Pacific. “This is definitely a product that stands out from ordinary hobs.”

Electrolux conducted extensive consumer research to gather significant consumer insight into Asian culinary techniques before it started its design for the new hob. The new keyhole-shaped hob’s simple design and its clean, sleek appearance blend well into the modern kitchen, while its ability to handle both conventional gas and induction technologies allow users a free rein to experiment with a greater variety of cooking techniques.

Come experience the new Electrolux induction and gas hob for yourself and we are sure that you will like it so much that in no time at all, you will be inviting your friends over for a party to break in your new hob.

The unique Electrolux induction and gas hob

Bringing the best of both worlds to Asian kitchens

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