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Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Designers: Peter Alwin


The SnailPeter Alwin

Welcome to our new Interview Series where we explore design perspectives and share insights of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 designers from around the Asia Pacific region. We talk to Peter Alwin, designer of “The Snail”, a micro induction-heating device, and find out why he thinks good design can revolutionise India.

In India, home to 1.1 billion people, personal space is hard to come by. Living in a tiny university hostel room, design student Peter Alwin is no stranger to coping with space constraints. Turning to nature for inspiration, he came up with a solution to this problem – “The Snail”, a pint-size portable induction heating and cooking device.

Peter said, “The structural inspiration is taken from the snail, with hard shell and static form. The future is going to be much faster and more rapid and [this design arose from an idea] to create an opposition to this dynamism and motion…My aim was to come up with a form which might look static but is more portable and faster in its function.”

The India-based designer, who cites Luigi Colan and Chris Bangle as his design heroes, said he was always inquisitive about his surroundings and this passion for knowledge has inspired him to constantly seek out creative solutions to problems.

Good design should …not only be aesthetically pleasing but also speak for itself, and where form follows function.

If I could, I would redesign… the public road transport system and the stations in India because in some cases, they are a bit chaotic and often misleading when it comes to interface guiding the people.

Three words to describe my design ethos: sustainability, form and surprise factor.

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