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Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Designers: Daniel Dobrogorsky


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Welcome back to our new Interview Series where we explore design perspectives and share insights of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 designers from around the Asia Pacific region.  We talk to Daniel Dobrogorsky, designer of “The Kitchen Hideaway”, a concept that allows robots to replace humans in the kitchen, and find out why he believes smart design paired with technology will help future generations.

With a growing world population, many worry about the availability of living space in the not-so-distant future.  In fact, the United Nations has predicted that 74% of the world population will be living in an urban environment by 2050.  Through his passion for design, Daniel Dobrogorksy believes he can help create a brighter future for the world. Armed with a creative imagination and the belief that anything is possible, he came up with the concept of “The Kitchen Hideaway”, a virtual kitchen that occupies zero space and works by reading the thoughts of the user and transforming them into actions performed by robots.

Daniel says: “When nothing is certain, everything is possible. … My product concept, the Kitchen Hideaway, creates a virtual kitchen that occupies zero space. It uses virtual reality to allow the user to prepare food in their own virtual kitchen. … This computer generated kitchen would record the users cooking operations and ingredients used and convey that to an automated physical kitchen where the user’s meals would be made up….This concept would probably be suited to communal living spaces such as apartments.”

As for the Asian household, the Australian designer says his concept considers problems associated with the aging population and decreasing availability of living space.  For both problems, Daniel believes that advanced technology and a transition from physical space to cyber space will be key for future co-habitation to be possible. He says concepts of the future will “reduce clutter and have less gadgetry but still be able to harness modern technology”.

Daniel loves to design because “it is never boring” and his interest first surfaced when he saw commercial and military aircraft shows as a child.

Good design should…be tailored to the user, be simple, be adaptive to time and space, be reliable and create an emotional hook but still deliver a rational need.

If I could, I would redesign… the Laws of Thermodynamics because the world’s finite material and energy resources are quickly diminishing whilst user consumption is rapidly increasing. Design is all about catering for the user but balance lies in sustaining everyone’s future as well.  It’s a huge dilemma facing designers but the problem also adds to the enjoyment of the products and luxuries we live with today. But who knows…… in the future……we might find more resources on other planets and get our energy from solar flares!!!

Three words to describe my design ethos. Simplify. Rationalise. Experience.

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