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Through the keyhole: A winner’s experience of the Electrolux Induction and Gas Hob


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Ms Freni Huang is certainly one lucky girl. She was one of the lucky winners who joined Electrolux China’s online trial game and won an opportunity to test out Electrolux’s new “IT” kitchen appliance – the induction and gas hob – for free!

As part of a limited promotion, Electrolux China released an online trial game where participants stand a chance to win an opportunity to experience a product test trial for Electrolux’s new induction and gas hob.

Ms Freni Huang was in the midst of redecorating her home, when she chanced upon Electrolux’s online trial game and gamely took part, having been attracted to the unique looking hob.

“I could use the latest product from Electrolux, even before it was formally launched. I am finally at the forefront of the trend,” exclaimed Ms Huang excitedly.

She soon received the Electrolux induction and gas hob and felt that the product looked simple yet fashionable, with its distinctive round gas stove that is rarely seen in the market. As her kitchen renovations were still pending, Electrolux offered to send its technicians as part of its on-site installation service, so as to ensure that the hob would accurately fit her soon-to-be-installed kitchen cabinets.

Worries that the unique hob would cause problems during the installation of the cabinets, as its size is different from other conventional hobs, proved unfounded as the new hob matched the kitchen perfectly.

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黄女士是一个幸运的女孩。她是参与了伊莱克斯中国的网上试用游戏,作为使用申请成功者之一,获得免费试用伊莱克斯的新厨房灶具 – “气电双驱”两用灶的机会!




黄女士 担心由于灶具的独特造型,其外形尺寸与传统的灶具有所不同,在嵌入橱柜时会出现问题。但是在正式安装时,这款新灶具轻而易举的与橱柜实现完美结合。

请 到www.dreamkitchen.com.cn来实现你的梦想厨房!

通过伊莱克斯“气电双驱”两用灶试用申请:成功者分享试用经验黄女士是一个幸运的女孩。她是参与了伊莱克斯中国的网上试用游戏,作为使用申请成功者之一,获得免费试用伊莱克斯的新厨房灶具 “气电双驱”两用灶的机会!作为小范围推广活动的一部分,伊莱克斯中国发布了一个网络线上试用活动,参加者将有机会赢得试用体验伊莱克斯新上市的“气电双驱”两用灶。

黄女士的家正好处在装修中期,当她偶然参与伊莱克斯的网络线上试用活动时,已经被“气电双驱”两用灶独特的造型所吸引。我可以使用到伊莱克斯最新的产品,甚至是在产品正式上市之前,这次算是走在了时尚潮流的前端 她很快就收到了伊莱克斯“气电双驱”两用灶,看上去感觉十分简约时尚,其独特的圆形灶头设计是在市场上很少见到。由于当时新家的厨房还没有开始进入装修阶段,伊莱克斯提出将安排售后人员提供现场安装服务,以确保灶具可以完美的嵌入我即将安装的厨房橱柜。


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