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Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Designers: Guo Lichen


The Dismount WasherGuo Lichen

Welcome to the new Interview Series where we explore design perspectives and share insights of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 designers from Asia Pacific. We catch up with Guo Lichen, designer of “The Dismount Washer,” a wash-and-go laundry system, and find out why he believes careful thought is necessary to the design process.

The Dismount Washer

University students are notorious for putting off the calls of the laundry basket week after week. But not doing laundry altogether? That we have a problem! Inspired by his school’s dirty, broken-down laundry facilities, Guo Lichen invented “The Dismount Washer,” a space-saving, all-in-one laundry basket and washing machine.

A rare blend of streamlined beauty and functionality, “The Dismount Washer” embodies Lichen’s vision for the future of design. He explained, “The second space age [involves a new way of thinking about] home space arrangement and the form of appliances for the future.”

Looking to Apple’s Jonathan Ive as a role model, Lichen wants to design products that are not only beautiful, but also crafted with thought for the consumer.

Good design should… solve problems effectively.

If I could, I would redesign… vehicles, because they do not seem to suit China nowadays.

Three words to describe my design ethos: brief, thoughtful, understanding

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