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Interview with Electrolux’s Asia Pacific Design Director Pernilla Johansson


Pernilla Johansson

This week in our design interview series, we speak with Pernilla Johansson, Electrolux’s Asia Pacific Design Director and find out what makes her tick.

From a young age, Pernilla Johansson was already planning on how she could make a difference in the world. She started off her promising career on a four-month internship with Philips Design, a global design agency based in the Netherlands, before rising up the ranks to become the Asia Pacific Design Director for Electrolux.

She revealed that her secrets to keeping those creative ideas rolling in were to keep an open mind, never shy away from discussion and never overlook the smaller details in life.

“It’s about opening up the sense of intuition, by combining the impressions and processing them creatively. There is no end to creative ideas. The challenge is to make those ideas come to life in a successful way.”

And reflecting on her work, Pernilla said that she was proud of all the designs she had worked on and added that the best ideas often take time to fully develop.

“To me, design is a translation of the brand, people’s desires and cultural trends. You need to trust the process, nurture it, give it time and good things will come out of it.”

5 Questions with Pernilla Johansson

1.      The best thing about my job…

I simply love the creative process of getting out of the fog, solving the quiz of bringing the brand closer to people. In the end it’s all about people and their evolving experiences. There is no end to the challenge we have ahead of us and that drives and motivates me.

There is really nothing I don’t like about my job. I consider myself very fortunate having selected a career that is also my hobby.

2.      My must-have home appliance

I’m currently designing my own kitchen and what I am most excited about is my new Induction  Hob. I bought the 90 cm MaxiSense model. The narrow-wide format is simply perfect and the control and speed are beyond expectations.

3.     Tell us an insider secret about the home appliances industry

The old term “white goods” is still often used as a description, but the market has shifted. Today, it’s all about how appliances can be lifestyle and interior accessories.

Appliances are reliable tools that need to integrate and serve. I think we will see great shifts in the future as we are entering deeper into the Digital Age.

4.     If you could have any three people over for a dinner party, who would they be and why?

That’s a tough question but I think in all honesty, I would pick three people from my past that due to distance I haven’t seen in a very long time. But if I should pick someone I don’t know, it would have to be Chris Bangle, Chris Lefteri and Al Gore.

5.     What are the differences & challenges you have encountered when designing for the Asian market?

The balance of rational and emotional criteria is very strong in Asia. Europeans are more design-centric, while Americans are more functionally driven and Asians are more demanding. They want the best of both worlds and they want it for a good deal.

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