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Ebony, the New Black: Sleek European look and new technology make for edgiest line yet


The new Ebony range of Electrolux home appliances combines the latest trends in European design with sophisticated technology to create a line of products that serve as both statements of modern design, as well as functional, easy-to-use tools for the cook at home. A new sleek look is taking centre stage as Electrolux unveils their dark and seductive range of kitchen appliances.

With the launch of the Ebony collection of Electrolux kitchen appliances, homeowners are now able to make daring design statements in their kitchens. Each glossy black piece of the collection is versatile in any kitchen environment, blending in seamlessly with dark counter surfaces, or contrasting boldly with bright, vibrant colours.

In addition to the collection’s timeless black hue, Electrolux’s latest technology makes each appliance of the Ebony collection easy-to-use and more efficient for the busy homeowner. These include touch electronic controls, smooth flat panel doors and sleek frameless exteriors.

Take the Ebony range of induction cooktops as an example – the cooktops are finished with a beautiful ceramic black glass and clean bevelled edges making stovetop cooking easier and more glamorous than ever before. All a cook needs to do is to place a pot or pan anywhere within the four induction zones, and the cooktop will detect the presence of the pan and begin heating. Other state-of-the-art features of the range of induction cooktops include touch-slide temperature controls and a stop-and-go function – allowing a user to step away from the kitchen, whilst having the peace of mind that at the touch of a button there will be no fear of an overheating disaster from the active cooktop.

Looking and performing unlike any other kitchen appliance range available in the market today, a piece from the Ebony collection is guaranteed to satisfy both your aesthetic and practical needs. Prepare your kitchen for a revolution, because as they say, once you go black, you don’t look back.

The Ebony collection is rolling out in most countries in Asia Pacific.

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