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E-motion trivetInduction and Gas Hob

Electrolux is constantly thinking of new ways to make its appliances easier to use.  It’s this industry-unique approach, aptly labelled “Thoughtful Design” that has kept the Swedish home appliances giant ahead of the curve.

The approach is based on seven key factors that Electrolux believes help create great design and ultimately, a memorable user experience:

  • Insight: What are people feeling? What frustrates consumers? What could be done better? Electrolux has to answer these questions and to understand how consumers feel.
  • Functionality: How effectively does the product function? Could it do more? How long will it or should it work for? How well does it answer the particular need? How does it live up to the performance expectation of consumers?
  • Usability: Who understands the product? Can anyone make it work? Adults as well as children? Even for different uses? Even without reading the manual? Electrolux creates design to make operating appliances easier for consumers.
  • Sense: What is it like to touch the product? Emotion is important for us all – does the product inspire excitement, frustration or encouragement? Will it help consumers to have ease of mind?
  • Aesthetics: Does the product look great? “Greatness” is defined in different ways by different consumers. Electrolux appliances should invite consumers to want to interact with them.
  • Sustainability: Electrolux aims to minimise energy consumption levels and environmental impact at every stage of production, to create appliances that have low noise and low emissions and are easily recyclable. Electrolux must be able to reassure its consumers that it’s doing everything possible to preserve the environment.
  • Total experience: These dimensions ensure the unique Electrolux design character is always evident, delivering the total brand experience through the product, from purchase and delivery, and through use and final disposal.

Jewellery for the hob: the E-motion trivet enables traditional wok-cooking on an induction hob

The unique Electrolux induction and gas hob combines the best of both worlds

The “Thoughtful Design” approach is present in every step of the production cycle – from conceptualisation to marketing.

The 150-strong design team constantly works towards creating a unique personality for each appliance by creating products that trigger emotional responses from users while embodying the values and heritage of Electrolux. One famous example was in the late 1930s, when American industrial designer Lurelle Guild, was commissioned to redesign the vacuum cleaner and give it a more streamlined aesthetic appeal.

The company also conducts household interviews and visits, observing how consumers use Electrolux products in their homes. Data is collected and analysed, and used to develop new products or improve existing ones and develop marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

At the core of this approach sits the company’s drive to make appliances easier to use and tasks more enjoyable to perform. It’s the company’s way of saying: “When we say we’re thinking of you, you know we mean just that!”

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