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Good food starts with good appliances


The Food Studio

Cooking a good meal doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s what chef Paul Neukirch of The Food Studio in Malaysia says. Speaking in German-accented English, he explained how it ties in with his personal kitchen philosophy – “A lot of people think cooking is very stressful but it can be fun…we want to show them it can be relaxing too.”

Being passionate about his interests and headstrong since young, Paul’s teenage decision to pursue his culinary curiosity left his parents feeling “very sad”.  From his humble beginnings as an apprentice chef, he travelled halfway around the world before settling in Malaysia (in his own words, a place “blessed with a variety of seafood”) to establish his cooking school – The Food Studio.

Paul shares that he enjoys good food and wine, even better when they are paired with good company. But his work doesn’t stop when he leaves the school kitchen.

“I still cook lunch for my daughter and sometimes on the weekends too. I also like to experiment with new techniques and recipes at home, and invite a few friends over to test them out.”

Paul admits to having a soft spot for traditional recipes and methods of cooking.  But more importantly, he’s learnt one kitchen tip that has stuck with him all these years ever since he was a young chef.

“I was always told never to waste any food, everything had its use. Even chicken parts were used for brewing stock. It’s helped me learn the value of food and I hope I can pass this on to my students as well.”

But the German-born owner and head chef of The Food Studio is also someone who knows that the right equipment is key to achieving culinary perfection.

His personal kitchen in Germany houses a prized three-foot oven, which he says is absolutely essential when entertaining big groups of friends, especially when dealing with big cuts of meat or fish. While he wishes it were available in Malaysia, Paul is equally happy working with the Electrolux Inspiro Oven at his school. His cooking school is also fitted out with a range of other Electrolux appliances including a cooking hob and hood, a refrigerator and a dishwasher.

“During my cooking classes, I realised that even though ovens have up to five different functions, many people only use two of these functions, usually the Fan or Grill function,” said Paul. “We chose to fit our kitchen with Electrolux appliances because I wanted to show my students how easy it is to cook and also to show them how they can put their home appliances to better use.”

German-born owner and head chef of The Food Studio, Paul Neukirch.

Image courtesy of The Food Studio

Electrolux Malaysia plans to conduct various cooking activities at The Food Studio to reward valuable loyal customers as part of its  “Thinking of you” brand promise. It will be a place for these special guests to come to learn, cook and enjoy using Electrolux’s products and also go home with exquisite recipes.


The Food Studio is located at:

Amarin Kiara LG2,
Jalan Desa Kiara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

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