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How to Pick Out Your First Vacuum Cleaner

There are many factors that affect which vacuum cleaner to buy. There is a wide range of models in the market and your choice should reflect the type of home you have, your living habits and your budget. Here are a few tips to give you a clearer picture of what type of cleaner would suit your needs.

Electrolux Design Lab Finals – Peter Alwin from India wins with his Micro-Induction Device “The Snail”

The Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition started off with a promising crop of 1,300 entries from 50 different countries. Within months, it was whittled down to 25 semi-finalists. That number was further brought down to eight and finally, Peter Alwin from India with his micro induction heating appliance “The Snail” won the minds and hearts of the jury to clinch the prestigious title of Electrolux Design Lab winner 2010.

Electrolux Bagged Two Golds at the Singapore Design Awards 2010

Electrolux’s latest thoughtful design innovations – the keyhole-shaped induction and gas hob and the Ebony Kitchen Collection, were awarded the Gold accolades in the Industrial Design (Home Appliance) category last night at the prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2010.

Choosing your first fridge

Among the many home appliances, none is more frequently used than the refrigerator. Whether it’s whipping up a feast for the family dinner, preparing a simple snack or just grabbing a glass of water, most of your time in the kitchen could be spent rummaging through the refrigerator. Therefore, you should take note of several important considerations before purchasing your very first fridge.

The Napkin Project: Dennis Han

The best ideas often come when you least expect them and a hasty scribble or sketch on any improvised blank canvas, usually a napkin, could spell the difference between capturing that fleeting moment of inspiration or losing that flash of brilliance.

A Celebration, 1000 Years in the Making

From its humble beginnings as the centre of French Indochina, Thăng Long, more commonly known as Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi, has evolved over the last millennium to become a bustling metropolis.

Từ thời kỳ Pháp thuộc được xem là trung tâm của Đông Dương, Thăng Long được biết đến như thủ đô của Việt Nam – Thành phố Hà Nội, đã đấu tranh qua hàng thiên niên kỷ để giành độc lập vẻ vang như ngày hôm nay.

Washing Dirty Linen In Public For A Good Cause

A parking lot in the city of Cebu, Philippines was transformed into a giant wash house to celebrate Electrolux’s biggest charity washing event. Called “A Thousand Kilos More of Old Clothes and Fresh Starts”, the event was organised to benefit the charity institution, Tabang Patrol.

Choosing Your First Washing Machine

Washing machines nowadays come equipped with numerous features so deciding on the right one to fit your lifestyle may seem like a daunting task. On top of that, selecting a machine is a major purchase that requires putting a reasonably large deposit on an appliance that should last for years to come. Together, these factors make the process similar to manoeuvering through a maze.

Keeping your oven in tip-top shape

Spills are bound to happen no matter how carefully you place the baking dish or tray into the oven and as time goes by, your oven will eventually be covered in grease and splatters. Cleaning this mess can be a nightmare of a chore for some people. With Hari Raya just round the corner, we’ve come up with a list of oven maintenance tips to make sure your oven is in tip-top shape and ready for you to use to bake up a storm of festive goodies.

Who’s your favourite Electrolux Design Lab finalist?

Vote for them online now at www.electrolux.com/designlab and your favourite designer could be the winner of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab ‘People’s Choice Award’.