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The Napkin Project: Dennis Han


Dennis HanDennis Han's Napkin

The best ideas often come when you least expect them and a hasty scribble or sketch on any improvised blank canvas, usually a napkin, could spell the difference between capturing that fleeting moment of inspiration or losing that flash of brilliance.

Armed our virtual napkins and pens, we aim to replicate the spirit of “the spontaneous idea” and offer you a peak into the world of Electrolux’s designers, starting with Electrolux industrial designer, Dennis Han.

The Brief

Best ideas often come from napkins. Best ideas are born from the need to find a solution for a problem. Select a problem from our list below, and deliver your answer on a piece of napkin.

1. Draw a portrait of yourself. (Please also include a photo so we can post it up next to your article.)

This is a quick sketch of myself. The emphases of details are played on the mole on the bottom left hand side of my face and also the eyebrows.

2. Arthur is a struggling writer living in a 250 square feet shoebox apartment. He loves to cook, but his space constraint leaves him no room to have a kitchen. What is your solution?

Coincidentally, I happened to be the interior designer that did up his current living space and after knowing his desire to have a mini kitchen within the already tight space, I proposed to him to have his existing storage space at the corner of the house which has not been utilised to be torn down. Subsequently, this freed up space allows Arthur to squeeze in a hood, induction hob and an oven that tucked in neatly at the far end of the cabinet. The work area between the sink and the induction hob is sufficient for him to run his food preparation.

The arrival of the cooking appliances also suggested for a built-up partition that separates the sight of the appliances from the living room space. The L-shape partition also allows a refrigerator to rest on its end creating a harmonious living environment that ultimately provides an easy to move around work space.

Providing Arthur with his desire on his love for cooking, the newly introduced kitchen space further enhances his living experience within his home and this eventually allows him to experiment with different local dishes and thus, brought him to write his first book on local dishes cooking style. From a struggling writer, he has now become a popular sought after writer on cooking books.

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