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Product designers at Electrolux play an essential role in creating iconic design solutions that make a positive impact on our daily lives. But a successful product designer is someone who is able to draw inspiration from everyday objects, people and situations to come up with new and great ideas.

We’ve come up with a list of books that will hopefully pique your interest in the world of design.

1. Product Design in the Sustainable Era by Dalcacio Reis and Julius Wiedemann

1 Product design in the Sustainable Era
The book illustrates some current best practices in green design, profiling concepts and products from forward-thinking, environmentally conscious brands. Three Electrolux products, two Electrolux-AEG products and seven Electrolux Design Lab concepts are also featured in the book.

2. Industrial Design: Materials and Manufacturing Guide by Jim Lesko

2 Industrial Design Materials and manufacturing Guide

This book contains everything from explanations of basic terminology to advice on why some products simply work better when they’re in a certain shape. You’ll find out how to get the best results by using common methods and materials.

3. Design Secrets: Products: 50 Real-Life Product Design Projects by the Industrial Designers Society of America

3 Design Secrets Products

If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes into the design process from start to finish, then this book is for you. It charts the creative processes, challenges and solutions that go into producing each innovative product. Plus, it comes complete with original plans, sketches and interim drawings and captions to give you a more personal insight into each designer’s idea and problem-solving process.

4. Designers on Design by Terance Conran, Max Fraser

4 Designers on Design

Designers on Design is a book containing interviews with hundreds of designers on questions like “What was your big break?”; “What or who has most influenced your work?”; “What elements of the design process do you find particularly frustrating?” and “To what level will you compromise to satisfy your client?” The beautifully illustrated book also showcases the key pieces from each designer, while providing a rare insight into their creative process.

5. Designing the 21st Century by Charlotte Fiell

5 Designing the 21st Century

If you’re keen to explore where industrial and product design is headed in the future, then this book is for you. Rather than taking readers through a stroll down memory lane, the book uses colourful product photographs and computer-generated illustrations to inspire ideas about 21st century aesthetics.

6. The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A Norman

6 The Design of Everyday Things

Even though it was written in the 1980s, this book still remains universally relevant to designers everywhere. The author manages to illustrate in great detail what differentiates a good design from the bad. The book also serves as a good start if you want to understand the basics of designing for products, fixtures, software and other everyday items.

7. Universal Principles of Design by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler

7 Universal principles of design

Acting as an encyclopaedia of cross-discipline design, this book takes readers through clear explanations of every design concept with visual examples of the concepts applied in practice. Recommended for designers, engineers, architects, and students who are looking to broaden and improve their design expertise.

8. Drawing for Designers by Alan Pipes

8 Drawing for designers

Every idea starts with a simple sketch. But it’s essential to know how to effectively communicate your creative ideas through easy- to-understand visuals. This book covers both manual and computer drawing methods and also includes case study spreads of famous designer products.

9. Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design by Chris Lefteri

9 making it

Products can be manufactured in many different ways but most designers are familiar with only a few common techniques. This book covers close to 90 production methods and how the production process can influence contemporary design.  It will appeal not only to product designers involved in lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, domestic accessories and tableware, but also to interior designers, furniture and graphic designers who need access to a range of production methods, as well as to all students of design.

10. Design Paradigms: A Sourcebook for Creative Visualization by Warren K Wake

10 Design paradigms

How do things bend? How are things joined? How do things get larger or smaller? These are all important questions that product and industrial designers should have the answers to. Readers of this book will be introduced to new approaches to design and creative visualization, helping them to solve those key design problems through a series of basic concepts and visual ideas that can be used in a variety of design problems.

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