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What’s the Secret to a Sleek Designer Kitchen?


Electrolux pyrolytic oven

After 12 years of living in Singapore, Electrolux’s Design Director, Asia Pacific, Pernilla Johansson has decided to sink in roots. Admitting that it is an exciting process for her to finally be able to realise her dream of a home that is truly hers, she shared with us her plans on making that dream into a reality.

“Every house and every space is unique and you will have to work with the opportunities you have. We have bought a heritage house, being a traditional Singaporean “shophouse”, so to start we have to work with a long narrow building which offers some limitation in space.

Traditionally “shophouses” have three connected rooms on the first floor. You enter the living room, then in the middle the dining room and finally in the back, you have the kitchen.

We decided to turn it around and instead you enter the dining room, which is the longest room, where we will be able to fit a large dining table seating eight people comfortably. Then in the back, we will have the living room – where more light gets into the house, with the kitchen in the middle. This is the smallest space, but it allows for a nice integration of the living room, connecting the two major living spaces and puts the kitchen in the heart of the home.

Renovation model v2_stylemodel_view8

It may not be as big as we would like it be, but it has been a nice challenge to create a design that makes the most of the space we’ve allocated, considering work flow and the rest of the living space.

The kitchen is a really dynamic part of our house. This is where we all come together, either it’s around food, drinks, entertainment, work or just having a good chat. For all these different activities to happen concurrently, you need a rather big kitchen and the design of the kitchen should be well integrated with the rest of the living space.

Renovation model v2_stylemodel_view5

We cook at home a lot. My husband when he has the time, me – when there is a special occasion. It should be both beautiful and practical, but I have to admit that the aesthetics has been a strong driver of the design.

We also knew the overall style that we wanted and I must say that there are not a lot of suppliers in Singapore that could do what we were after and I am very happy that we found a partner in Vivant (Vivant Concept & Contracts).

I believe any great kitchen design starts with an understanding of the appliances you want. We centred the design around the Electrolux 900 mm MaxiSense Induction hob. It’s an amazing product and the long narrow format with three burners in a row is both practical and yet aesthetically very pleasing. With a black glass hob, we selected a dark grey quartz stone as working surface to keep the contrast down. The Electrolux T-shaped style stainless steel hood is an elegant yet simple design that will be integrated with an extended stainless steel shelf and to put less emphasis on the chimney, this will be covered in black wood panels.

The refrigerator and freezer, both also from Electrolux, are built-in and integrated with the doors of the kitchen cabinets, which are in matte crystal glass with white background.

The Microwave and the Electrolux Pyro Oven go in the wall between the fridge and the freezer behind an aluminium shutter (shelter) door. This way, we can choose when we want it one way or the other.

Electrolux pyrolytic oven

Electrolux pyrolytic oven

Additionally, for me, there are some must-have features such as a standing height table top, a computer to browse the web and enough space for people to work together or just sit and watch while others work. The light needs to be flexible, ranging from practical to ambient, allowing different applications.


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This is very much our dream (my husband’s and mine) coming to life and it’s part of the expression of our house and how we want to socialise with families and friends.”

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