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‘Zero’ Washing Unit Washing Concept – Siow Hansheng


Mr Siow Hansheng, a Silver Award recipient at the prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2010.Zero Washing MachineHow it works

This week, we speak to Mr Siow Hansheng about his ‘Zero’ washing unit concept. A Silver Award recipient at the prestigious Singapore Design Awards 2010, Hansheng offers us insights into his design and how Electrolux’s Thoughtful Design philosophy has influenced his concept.


What inspired you to come up with the design for your washing unit “Zero”?

Living spaces without demarcations have changed the whole concept of living areas and lifestyles, and that washing devices must no longer be confined to wash areas in the home.

Why choose to design a washing unit and not other design appliances?

Today’s lifestyle is hectic, and there is increasing demand for consumers to multi-task so as to optimise efficiency. We want to get as much done within a day as possible.

I decided to design a washing machine that does not run on water and looks smart enough to be placed in the living room – a lean, clean and energy- efficient machine designed for small spaces without walls which will become a dominant feature of habitats in crowded cities.

zero washing machine

How would you describe your design style?

Simplicity – I fall back to the fundamentals and elements of design, with shapes and clean lines.

Tell us which designers inspire you? Why?

Naoto Fukasawa. He often uses a minimal amount of ordinary materials while creating forms to maximum effect.

Describe your design process? Where do you look for inspiration?

To achieve a better understanding for my washing unit, I worked closely with Pernilla Johansson, Electrolux’s Design Director, Asia Pacific.  Inspired by Electrolux’s philosophy of Thoughtful Design, I worked towards designing a concept that featured sustainable aesthetics, user-friendliness and functionality.

how it works

Why did you decide to participate in the Singapore Design Awards 2010?

As a young designer, I need the exposure, and the competition allows me to know where I stand, in terms of design. With this experience, I can further improve myself in future.

What other home appliances/products do you enjoy working on?

I enjoy working on lifestyle products. However, I feel that it is important as a young designer to remain open to the idea of working on different product lines. The exposure and challenge posed would provide me with fresh perspectives, sensitivity and knowledge that would help me mature as a designer.

You last took part in the Electrolux silver generation project with a team from Temasek Polytechnic. How have you changed/developed/evolved as a designer since then?

After taking part in Electrolux silver generation project, I learnt that it is very important to set an objective and work according to it by defining the problem prior to designing a concept. I have since developed a new design process, which I have put to good use in my washing unit project.

With every project I embark on, there are important lessons to be learnt. With the Electrolux silver generation project, I became more aware of the ageing population, and learnt more about designing home appliances that provide much ease and comfort in their day-to-day lives.

Have you taken part in other design competitions? Are they mainly focused on industrial design?

Yes, I’ve taken part in the Red Dot Design Competition, Marksman Design Competition, and Philips Design Competition, most of which focus mainly on industrial design.

You’re now serving your National Service. What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got another 19 months more before I complete my National Service (NS) with the Singapore Armed Forces. I shall put this period of time to good use, to plan for my future. After NS, I am looking to further my studies, either locally or overseas.

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