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Electrolux has always been a household name in numerous countries around the world. But did you know that Electrolux also supplies professional laundry systems to apartment houses, hotels, health care institutions, as well as commercial laundry operations and coin-operated launderettes?

With manufacturing plants in France, Sweden and Thailand, as well as 19 national sales companies and a network of 120 importers, Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems is designed and tailored to provide the utmost efficiency and uncompromised cleaning power to savvy business owners.

The preferred professional laundry system for discerning business owners

First impressions last for a lifetime and many illustrious businesses understand the importance of their laundry, and how it is associated with the reputation of their establishments.

The Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel in the United Kingdom features two restaurants, three bars, 11 conference rooms, and many leisure facilities including an indoor pool, 9-hole par 3 golf course, a gym and a beauty salon. For the past 30 years, Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems has helped them cope with the mountains of laundry as a result of such an extensive operation.

The hotel is equipped with two 20kg professional washer extractors with Clarus controls that feature a fully programmable micro-processor, tailor-made washing modes, a 30kg tumble dryer and a flatwork ironer. Working in harmony, they provide a faster laundry turnaround time for staff to cater to the bustling schedule at the hotel, from parties to weddings.

Clarus Control®

Clarus Control®

The five-star Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, has more than 600 lavishly designed guest rooms and suites, four international restaurants, a bakeshop, coffee bar and two lounges. Apart from the laundry generated from these facilities, the hotel washes up to 15 pieces of laundry for in-house guests per day. Not one to compromise on quality, the hotel is the first in the Shangri-La Group to install the Electrolux W4400H washer, capable of handling up to 45kg of laundry at a single time! It also features high extraction force for efficient dewatering, and the intelligent Clarus Control with 192 different wash settings.

W4400H (45 kg/100 lbs)

Electrolux W4400H Washer

The Edsa Shangri-La Hotel also uses the highly productive T4900 dryer, which is capable of two full loads per hour. It is also easy to set up and maintain, thanks to a large, self-cleaning lint screen, and a single external connection for electricity, exhaust and utility. A reversing drum minimizes the tangling of clothes, especially when dealing with articles belonging to guests. An Electrolux FFT-WC Form Finishing machine completes the entire ensemble, with its user-friendly control panel, automatic ironing control with microprocessor for maximum productivity, nine different work programmes for garments of any fabric and size, and finally selections of automatic, semi-automatic or manual ironing modes.

T4900 (36 - 50 kg)

Electrolux T4900 Dryer

FFT-WC Form Finisher

Electrolux FFT-WC Form Finisher

Four Seasons, a global leader in the luxury hospitality sector, places its trust firmly in the Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems at its prestigious hotel in Milan. Nestled in the heart of fashion city, the Four Seasons hotel Milan offers a 24-hour laundry service that caters to the guests of all its 118 rooms. Equipped with Lagoon™, the only professional system certified by Woolmark, it uses water as a natural solvent, making it highly efficient and environment-friendly as well.

Love professional football, but not the grime and dirt? Apparently, so do Premiership and First Division clubs in the Netherlands. Electrolux gained important insights into the problems that equipment managers face when dealing with up to 1,000kg of soiled football uniforms. Since then, 19 clubs now have an in-house Electrolux Professional Laundry System, and football has never been looked after better.

The leader in innovation, user-centric design and environmental conservation

The success of Electrolux Professional Systems is the result of the tireless pursuit of innovation and attention to detail. For example, young students living at a technical college in Denmark can now use a Short Messaging System (SMS) as a payment method for their laundry. Not only is this a world’s first, but also a clear example of Electrolux’s ’Thinking of you’ mantra.

Also, Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems adheres to the ‘Wash Triangle” philosophy. This is the foundation on which all products are designed and built, and they aim to provide end-users with high quality results, with the maximum output while maintaining the lowest utility cost possible.

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