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Dishwashers: Sqeaky clean without wasting time and money!


The ESF63020 DishwasherThe ESF66010 Dishwasher

We’ve all heard the stories: dishwashers use more water than tried-and-true hand-washing, and that cleaning is not always thorough. But is it true?

Let’s examine the facts: Traditional hand-washing requires detergent to get rid of the stains on the dining-ware. It also washes away essential oils that protect the hands, causing skin to dry up. Also, an average faucet flows at a steady 3.785 litres of water per minute. That means cleaning up after a dinner for two -involving two dining plates, three serving plates, two sets of utensils and two glasses – would require almost 7.57 litres of water in just under two minutes.

The University of Bonn in Germany conducted a test in 2004 involving over 100 participants from all over Europe. Each participant was given 12 place settings of dishware, comparable to a medium-sized family gathering, to wash by hand. After the test, the university concluded that each individual used an average of 103 litres of water, and a staggering 79 minutes to accomplish the given task with varying degrees of cleanliness, not to mention the sheer amount of dining-ware that one has to drip or hand-dry afterwards for storage purposes.

Looking at the numbers, it’s no wonder why there is a growing trend for dishwashers in modern kitchens these days. The time, money and resources required to do the dishes every evening is simply too taxing to keep up, especially after a long day at work.

ESF63020 Dishwasher

ESF63020 Dishwasher

Thankfully, Electrolux has several dishwashers that are designed to provide uncompromised cleaning power, while using the least amount of detergent and water, and in the least possible time.

Electrolux dishwashers are thoughtfully designed with clever loading, which allows end-users to adjust the upper basket for large dishes. Pots and pans can also be washed by simply folding down the bottom plate, while long-stemmed glass holders and knife trays are designed to prevent any breakages while washing is in progress. They are highly energy efficient too, equipped with the intelligent Fuzzy Logic feature that monitors and keeps water, electricity and detergent consumption to a minimum. Also, gone are the days when one has to rinse or soak dishes prior to loading them into the dishwasher, because Electrolux dishwashers feature the powerful Aqua Spray technology, which dissolves grease and grime effortlessly. Best of all, they operate quietly and with a ‘AAA’ energy efficiency rating, consumers can be assured that their dishes are bacteria-free, clean and most important of all, savings on energy and resources consumption.

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