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The Barbecue Evolution is here


Ben O’DonoghueBen O’DonoghueBen O’DonoghueElectrolux E:Volution BarbecueElectrolux E:Volution Barbecue

Electrolux Australia recently launched the Electrolux E:Volution Barbecue, the latest addition to its range of premium barbecues.

The Electrolux E:Volution Barbecue features premium and durable materials, including a stainless steel frame and enamelled cast iron cooking surfaces, to protect against the outdoor elements and assist with ease of cleaning.

Other features include hard wood fold down tables for extra bench space; built-in cabinets; an oil management system for healthier cooking; and a rapid heat-up allowing you to commence your grilling sooner.

The Electrolux E:Volution Barbecue is available in two different sizes and has hood and lid options to suit different lifestyles and cooking habits.

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