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Wave goodbye to spillage and heavy debris – the advantages of wet and dry vac’s


The Z803 FlexoThe Z803 Flexo power cordThe Z930 Flexo II in PurpleThe Z931 Flexo II in OrangeThe ZB406WD Rapido Wet & DryIrene Ang

The vacuum cleaner or vac has been with us for over 100 years. It has become an indispensable tool in virtually every household, eliminating the need to engage in backbreaking, dust-flying waltz with the broom and dustpan.

However, there are situations where the vac has to reinvent itself, and that is when you have to tackle fluids and heavy debris. This has led to the birth of the ‘Wet and Dry’.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner and its conventional ‘brother’ share numerous similarities. They use fans that adjust to push air towards the exhaust area, creating a loss of pressure behind the blades and delivers suction. The particles are caught up in a whirlwind, and ends up in a dust bag or chamber.

Singaporean celebrity, Irene Ang (Photography by Alex Chua)

But that’s where the similarities end. Many homes are switching to wet and dry vacuums because of its versatility and ease of use, getting rid of debris and fluids simultaneously. Irene Ang, a household celebrity in Singapore and CEO of Fly Entertainment is the proud owner of the Electrolux Flexo II (Z931). “The wet and dry vacuum cleaner does what I like best – multi-tasking! It is efficient and multi-functional; able for use in both the living room and the kitchen,” she said.

Z803 Flexo
Z803 Flexo

Z803 Flexo power cord

Z931 Flexo II in Orange

Z930 Flexo II in Purple

The Electrolux Flexo (Z803) and Flexo II (Z931 and Z930) are capable of handling up to an amazing 30 litres of fluid. This is especially handy tackling spills in the kitchen, garage or the garden. Fluids are collected in a non-corrosive tank that can be easily emptied afterwards. A nozzle specially designed to handle fluids will eliminate water trapped in inaccessible nooks and crannies.

Powerful suction ensures that the Electrolux Flexo and Flexo II are highly capable of picking up heavier debris, such as wood shavings, glass fragments, dust and gravel. Reverse the suction, and it becomes a powerful blower that shifts leaves and other forms of debris out of the way.

ZB406WD Rapido Wet & Dry

Looking for something smaller? Consumers can also enjoy the same ease and flexibility with the Rapido Wet and Dry handheld vac. Tiny wheels located on the nozzle allow end-users to glide over surfaces effortlessly, eliminating the risk of damaging their furniture.

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