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All the gain, without the flame!



Here’s a fun fact – did you know that induction hobs don’t actually generate heat? No, it’s not cooking via magic, but a clever piece of engineering that creates an electromagnetic field when a metal pot or pan is placed on the hob, completing a circuit. It’s like a science experiment – the only difference is you can actually eat (in most cases) the results.

Gas hobs may quickly be passed over in favour of induction hobs these days, and the reasons for doing so are quite simple: they are easy to clean, save more energy, and safer.

EHD60020P Induction Hob

If you love to cook and cook often, you understandably dread the washing up that follows. Ever so often, you will get bits of ingredients stuck in the grills, or condiments and sauces splattered around the gas hob. What most people do is that they have their meal first, wait till the gas-hob has cooled down after an hour or so, and then proceed to clean up. On the other hand, cleaning an induction hob is almost effortless, simply because it has a flat and smooth surface. The residue heat from the pot or pan left on the induction hob cools down in mere seconds, enabling you to clean as you go.

How many times have you lowered the flames on your gas hob, only to forget to turn it off? The flames, set to low, are almost invisible and may pose a serious threat to your kitchen, as well as children around the house. But the induction hob is flameless, and its smooth ceramic surface remains safe to touch even when the pan or pot is hot. Best of all, it is equipped with an auto-off safety feature, that switches off when there are no pots or pans on it.

Energy savings is perhaps the most compelling reason for making the switch to induction hobs. It is 20% more energy-efficient than a ceramic cooktop, and a whopping 40% more energy-efficient than a solid hotplate cooktop.
This means that you can treat your family and friends with sumptuous food, and do your part for the environment as well!

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