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Build an environment-friendly and cost-efficient home with the Electrolux Eco Range


EWN14991 Icon Washing MachineEHD60020P Induction HobEOC69400X Inspiro OvenEOC69400X Inspiro Oven - dial and display

Moving into a new home or renovating one can be an exciting, albeit mind-boggling task. One important factor that must be considered is cost, and how to ensure that the home is as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. To this end, Electrolux has a range of eco-friendly home appliances that makes household chores effortless and saves valuable resources as well.

Environment-friendly and cost-effective washing machines

Electrolux has a wide range of environment and economically friendly washing machines, equipped with features that help you manage your laundry effectively.

EWN14991 Icon Washing Machine

A prime example of the Eco-range of washing machines is the EWN14991W Icon. It is equipped with the clever Time Manager feature, which allows you to adjust the duration of the wash cycle according to the soil level of your laundry. This means that you can manage the amount of energy and water consumed every time you do your laundry, as well as the time required to complete the cycle.

It also features a Delay Start function allowing you to decide when you want your wash to be completed. For example, you can load your laundry into the washing machine before you set off for work, and set the Delay Start function to 9 hours. The EWN14991W Icon would have just finished its washing cycle, and be ready for you to hang out the washing when you return home.

There is also a Night Cycle function, which leaves out the spin phases and stops at the end of the programme with the water still in the tub.  You can then choose the spin programme desired to complete the wash. This feature allows for peaceful nights, without disturbing the family or neighbours.

Saving the environment, one dish at a time

EHD60020P Induction Hob

Whip up a good home-cooked meal while playing your part in energy conservation. The Electrolux EHD60020P Infinite Induction Hob is designed to be 25% more energy- efficient than a ceramic electric cook top, and an amazing 40% more efficient than a solid hotplate cook top. This means consuming less energy, which works out to savings on monthly utility bills.

Also, the Infinite induction Hob accommodates pots and pans of virtually any shape and size, and a smooth, flushed surface that makes cleaning-up afterwards effortless. Touch-sensitive buttons with LED display allow users to adjust the heat to the desired cooking requirements instantaneously, and maintain heat levels at all times. Where cooking safety is concerned, it is in a class of its own, equipped with an auto-off safety feature and a pan-detection system.

EOC69400X Inspiro Oven

EOC69400X Inspiro Oven – dial and display

The Electrolux EOC 69400X Inspiro Oven is an eco-friendly culinary assistant, and one that provides you with over 70 cooking categories and 300 built-in recipes. It is capable of monitoring the load of food, and determines the cooking period and temperature required via a unique heat management system. A built-in professional recipe database helps allows it to make adjustments to the cooking parameters, while a patented algorithm sets the required cooking time, resulting in food cooked to perfection,  and in the most cost-effective and time-saving manner possible.

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