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Electrolux & Iggy’s – master appliances for master chefs


Frostwatch RefrigeratorThermaline S90 Customized Cooking BlockAir O Steam Touchline Combi Oven

It’s not easy cooking in a professional kitchen, even more so if that kitchen belongs to a multiple award winning restaurant like Iggy’s. To handle numerous covers daily at speed, with quality, at one of Singapore’s premier restaurants, requires an efficient, high performing kitchen – one that Electrolux is proud to be part of.

Having just moved to the Hilton Singapore hotel, Iggy’s (voted 27th in the world’s best restaurants by the San Pellegrino) turned to Electrolux to help them build an integrated, dynamic show kitchen capable of keeping with the high standards that has propelled Iggy’s to where it is today.


Frostwatch (2)

Frostwatch Refrigerator

From the Clean & Green dishwasher to the Induction cooking tops, Electrolux provided Iggy’s with a kitchen that is designed to be stylish and proficient – and eco-friendly. Electrolux refrigerators with smart HD cabinets and counters are the greenest solution for cold storage; giving up to 45% reduction of energy consumption. The dishwashers achieve best-in-class washing and rinsing results using less water and detergent.

Thermaline S90 customized cooking block

Thermaline S90 customized cooking block 02

Thermaline S90 customized cooking block

Featured in the prestigious kitchen is the Thermaline S90 customized cooking block – a compact, high performing cooking surface which allows for high productivity in a compact space. This ergonomic work of art boasts ‘large surface’ induction zones complemented by an ‘Ecotop’ finished Solid Top providing quick efficiency with a touch of class and comfort.

Regardless of whether you need high temperatures for rapid cooking or low controlled increments for gentle simmering, the Thermaline’s induction technology affords exact control at unrivalled speeds.

Forgoing the use of gas also eliminates the typical by-products and emissions that would otherwise make the cook top a nightmare to clean. The Thermaline’s induction top is very easy to clean. There’s no need for excessive chemicals or digging deep into openings or dirt traps.

Furthermore, because induction cooking uses magnetic fields supplied directly to the cooking vessel, there is very little heat dispersion. The induction top remains cool to the touch, ensuring no accidental burns in an extremely hectic and busy environment. The ‘Ecotop’ Solid Top complements the Induction units with its unique finished compound surface to help further reduce any heat emission during the cooking process.

All this makes for a spick and span kitchen that is not only much safer, but a lot more comfortable as well. Essential elements of any kitchen but even more so for a show kitchen – where your guests are treated to a candid view in close proximity.

Air-o-steam touchline combi oven 02

Air-o-steam touchline combi oven.jpg

Air-o-steam Touchline Combi oven

The showpiece of this culinary epicentre, however, has to be the Air-o-steam Touchline oven. Featuring cutting-edge technology which allows for real-time, precise humidity measurements and control, the Touchline oven ensures constant cooking performance not dependent on food load and quality.

Electrolux’s patented air-o-flow system also allows for guaranteed uniform heat distribution and constant temperature in the cooking chamber. This ensures great cooking evenness in terms of food browning, crispiness, taste and flavour. Couple that with the automatic and intelligent low temperature, gentle cooking procedures and what you have is mouth-watering meats with that consistent colour throughout which retain their delicious juices just waiting to ooze out when sliced.

Iggy’s is located at level 3 of the Hilton Singapore hotel.

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