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Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 reveals facts you might not expect


Electrolux Asia Food Survey

“Thinking of you” has always been the commitment that Electrolux has promised consumers. The recently completed Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010, one of the biggest food surveys in Asia, is an example of how Electrolux upholds that promise. Reaching out to over 4,000 respondents from across eight Asian countries – the Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 provides valuable insights into the trends and motivations of the consumer when it comes to food and dining.


Amongst the interesting findings from the survey is that while Asians prefer eating at home, many are unable to do so. It’s true; we’re homely people at heart with nine out of 10 Asians preferring to dine at home. An amazing statistic considering the countless hawker and street stalls that peddle local, delectable delights across the region.

However, despite Asians’ desires of wanting to have a good home-cooked meal in the comfort of our own homes, the reality is we often can’t. Six out of 10 Asians still dine out at least once every two weeks with many actually doing so multiple times a week.

The truth is the average working adult’s lifestyle doesn’t accommodate these homely yearnings. Between work and social commitments, it’s just difficult to reconcile wants and choices.

But that by no means indicates that the desire and passion for cooking is dwindling in Asia. We’re “foodies” to the core; and it shows. 64% of Asians are passionate about and enjoy their cooking, Indians especially so with 75% admitting as much.

And would you believe, that leading this charge of impassioned aficionados are men? Yes, 66% of men are passionate about cooking with the fairer sex falling slightly behind at 63%.

Men in the kitchen are hot (pun intended). The new age man is seen as a connoisseur of epicurean pleasures, sensitive enough to help out at home and take the lead in the kitchen.

And why wouldn’t he? With new designer appliances like the Electrolux Ebony Kitchen Collection oozing style and sophistication, who wouldn’t want to be caught in the kitchen? What’s more, kitchen appliances are getting more high-tech, which not only simplifies cooking, but also appeals to the gadget-savvy in him.

Not surprisingly, health is the number one concern when it comes to dining. 96% of Asians worry about health when dining at home and 89% of us worry about it when dining out.

Yet even with all the concerns with health, there is a certain laxity when it comes to ‘Best before dates’. Only about three quarters of total respondents refuse to use food after its expiry date. A number of them are still willing to serve it up as long as it has not exceeded more than a couple of days.

Interestingly, this trend is more prevalent in Singapore than in other Asian countries, with only slightly less than half of Singaporean respondents discarding food that have gone past its ‘Best before dates’.

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