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Add some pizzazz this Christmas with Alex Perry, Electrolux’s Fabric Care Ambassador and Australia’s fashion guru


Alex Perry, Electrolux Fabric Care Ambassador and Australia’s most glamorous fashion designer

Whether you’re attending a work function, Christmas catch-up or year-end soiree, it’s the perfect time of the year to add a little wow factor to your outfit. To make sure you’re on the best dressed list, Alex Perry, Electrolux Fabric Care Ambassador and Australia’s most glamorous fashion designer, has pulled together his top five fashion tips for this year’s party season.


Alex Perry, Electrolux Fabric Care Ambassador and Australia’s most glamorous fashion designer

The little red dress

This season is all about the gorgeous little red dress. It’s as classic as a little black dress, but has a punch of high voltage festive colour!

DON’T over-accessorize

ONE spectacular pair of earrings, preferably long and dangly to capture the light is all you’ll need.

Dare to go bare

A perfect pair of high platform nude sling backs is the ultimate pair of shoes that will go with everything you own.

It’s the little things that count

Splash out at your favourite salon and be impeccably groomed. That means a beautiful manicure and pedicure, preferably in a glossy gelato or chic glossy tone. Sky blue nail enamel is a must this season.

Add some glitz to your grab

Indulge in a stunningly jewelled evening bag. To keep your evening outfit chic, nothing says Christmas glamour more than a sparkling clutch.

Juggling cocktails in one hand and canapés in the other, it’s no wonder this is the season prone to wardrobe disasters. So now that you’re looking fabulous, it’s good to know a few tricks of the trade in case any fabric faux pas strikes. Alex’s top five party ‘tricks’ include:

Don’t be left red faced due to red lipstick or red wine

Rub lipstick stains with dishwashing liquid and wash as recommended. Cover those unsightly red wine stains with table salt to absorb the wine, and then wash as recommended. Another quick fix for removing red wine stains when you’re out is to dab with a small amount of white wine.

Grease, fats and oils, alas!

One small, yet inconveniently located, spot of grease or oil can ruin the look of your entire outfit and must be treated immediately. Sponge the area with a dry cleaning fluid, such as white spirits.

Don’t sweat the small things

Remove perspiration and unsightly deodorant stains by dabbing with laundry soap first and then wash as recommended. Try using the refresh cycle on the Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer to remove odour from any type of fabric.

Enjoy a spot of grazing

Grass can be very inviting and it may even seem like a great idea to sit on at the time. But grass stains can be a real pain. To remove grass stains, sponge with white spirits, then wash as normal.

Cosmetic catastrophes

To remove excess make-up from your clothing, dab with a piece of white bread, then sponge with a pre-wash stain remover and wash as normal. For delicate items, use the Electrolux Time Manager washer with Jetsystem technology to give your clothes the superior care they deserve. Before applying any of the above tips to your gorgeous garments, make sure you check the colourfastness and wash directions of each item to avoid further damage.

You can read the full article here: http://newsroom.electrolux.com/au/2010/12/15/get-ready-to-look-glamorous-and-feel-fabulous-this-christmas-party-season/

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