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Dennis Han: The ‘Who, What and Why’ of The Little White Book


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It’s hard to keep up with Dennis Han. As an industrial designer at Electrolux, he’s constantly on the move and attending to the myriad of design assignments. More recently, the design of The Little White Book was realised. Yes dear readers, the Book really does exist, and Dennis shares the inspiration behind it, its importance and his greatest achievement in 2010.


Dennis Han, an industrial designer at Electrolux

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your design ethos.

I’m an industrial designer with the Electrolux Asia Pacific Design Centre. I believe that when a product is designed, it should always have a tangible relationship with the consumer. I also believe that a passion for design is a strong driving force to yield positive results.

2. What is The Little White Book?

It is a journal with subtle details on the pages that allow the date and time to be “pinned down”. It also inhabits attributes that allow you to simply pen your thoughts on it, and blank pages that can accommodate quick sketches when an idea is sparked. The cover of the book is also a highlight because it allows you to mark the date, time and year when you begin using it. It is really a tangible and thoughtful product.


3. What was the inspiration behind The Little White Book?

During a trip to the office of Singapore’s cross-disciplinary design firm, FARM, I spotted a long light-brownish landscape-sized book featuring the Singapore parking coupon. Leveraging this idea, the Little White Book concept was conceived and it used the common Singapore parking coupon tabs to indicate the date and time.


Together with FARM and Singaporean designer, Edwin Low, we decided to bring this project further – to refine the idea, so that it echoed Electrolux’s design philosophy of being the thoughtful design innovator. During that time, we were also aware that Electrolux in Asia Pacific has its own Facebook fan page called “The Little White Book”. Seizing the opportunity, we decided to fine-tune the idea so that it resonated with our Facebook page. The choice of materials, size, content layout and the overall presentation were envisaged by the Electrolux team and we worked closely with FARM on the details.

The Little White Book is designed so that we have a little white notebook that embodies a refined finish and functional touch, thus transforming the digital white book into a physical and tangible one.


4. Why is The Little White Book important to Electrolux?

Consumers are an important catalyst in the process of design. Passion for Innovation, Customer Obsession and Drive for Results are our core values. These values are not only applied to design, but also in every part of our business in Electrolux.

Bearing the values in mind, we strive to deliver the results by our actions. The Little White Book fan page exists for a good reason, connecting our consumers from Asia Pacific together, allowing them to explore Electrolux and our products – but putting our consumers first in everything. And since all these are already happening, we ought to have a physical white book that co-exists with the online connection!

5. We’re running a giveaway for the Little White Book on Facebook, asking fans to pen down their greatest achievements in 2010.  Could you share with us your biggest achievement this year?

2010 has been the most exciting year for me. At the end of December, I would have completed two full years with the Electrolux Asia Pacific design team.

Consumers and fellow team members are the ones that push design to a whole new level every year and this year, it has been visibly fruitful. I’m looking forward to more exciting times next year!

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