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The brains behind Iggy’s – Ignatius Chan and Janice Wong


IggyJaniceIggy, Janice and Andres Lara form a talented team

When it comes to running restaurants, can anyone do it better than Ignatius Chan (Iggy as he’s more affectionately known) and Janice Wong? Iggy’s – the chefs-d’oeuvre of the talented couple, is after all, no ordinary restaurant.


Ignatius “Iggy” Chan

Janice Wong

Janice Wong

To be voted as the Best New Restaurant at the World Gourmet Summit 2005 and to make the list of San Pellegrino’s World’s best restaurant year after year is no easy feat. To be the first restaurant in South East Asia to break into San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list – is truly incredible.

It’s with no surprise then that Iggy’s has cemented its place among Singapore’s restaurant royalty. How exactly did they achieve this? When asked that question, both Iggy and Janice arrived at the same answer.

“There’s a great emphasis on teamwork. ‘All of us’ is better than ‘one of us’. Good food is important, no doubt, but to complete a truly unforgettable dining experience, everyone plays a part. Just like how a dish is different ingredients playing off and complementing one another; so is a restaurant.”

So when it was time for Iggy’s to move to its new home at the Hilton Singapore Hotel, Electrolux was proud to be included in such a renowned team that demands only the best.

The matching of Iggy’s needs and service philosophy, and Electrolux’s vision of professional appliances was perfect.

“We chose Electrolux for its cutting-edge technology, precision, reliability and stylish design. Electrolux also provides excellent after-sales service. It was everything we needed.”

The dream of a casual wine bar restaurant inspired by Iggy’s worldly travels has come a long way. An amalgam of perseverance, talent, exquisite food, fine wines and exceptional service has brought Iggy’s to the pinnacle of gastronomic experiences. A position the restaurant rightfully deserves.

Janice, Iggy and Andres Lara

Iggy, Janice and Andres Lara form a talented team

5 Questions with Iggy and Janice

Where do you draw inspiration from for your dishes and desserts?

Influences for our dishes are all around. We gather inspiration from our travels, our culinary team, exchanges with other restaurateurs and chefs, and even books.

What is the most popular dish at Iggy’s?

Sakura Ebi Capellini was created following a year-end trip to Tokyo in 2005. We were at Tsukiji market and found these lovely pink shrimps. We thought it would be delicious tossed in pasta. After a few tries with our culinary team, the dish was launched.

The rest is history.

What are your personal favourite dishes?

This is a tough question because there are so many! Our pasta and truffle dishes really stand out though. The blending of flavours is absolutely magnificent and truly a treat.

Desserts such as our sesame pound cake and French toast also provide the perfect finish to a satisfying meal. We could go on but the list would be far too long!

What keeps you both motivated?

Our supporters and our guests definitely. The challenge of continuously thrilling the palates of our discerning diners always provides something new. It’s a continuous and very fulfilling learning experience. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing our guests happy and content at the end of a meal. Nothing beats that really.

Also our team, staff and partners. We like to ensure that everyone is enriched in their careers and partnerships with us.

What advice would you give to all aspiring restaurateurs?

Know your market and know your team. Also be prepared for lots of hard work and disappointment. You need to be very resilient and have tons of tenacity and perseverance.

You need great listening skills and the ability to make difficult decisions when the situation calls for it. Be sincere and consistent when dealing with your staff and clients.

Iggy’s is located at the Hilton Singapore Hotel, Level 3.

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