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Tết Nguyên Đán: Feast of the first morning

Electrolux would like to wish all our Vietnamese friends, “cung chúc tân xuân” and “an khang thịnh vượng!” (Respectively, the Vietnamese phrases mean “Happy New Year” and “Security, good health and prosperity”.)

The perfect pair for the perfect wash

Doing the laundry can be a tiresome process, which is why we’ve come up with the perfect washer and dryer solution to help wash away those laundry woes!

Hotter and more sensational showers for your home

After a long day at work, hot showers can be a godsend. That’s why Electrolux is bringing a new range of instant water heaters to now give you that great shower experience in the comfort of your own home.

Greener ‘Whites’ for your home and the environment

Eco-friendly, green, sustainability. These terms have been tossed around by the world’s media and numerous organisations for a while now. Green messages and initiatives are everywhere these days. From organic foods to recycling, hybrid cars to eco-towns, people, businesses and even governments are all rallying behind the environment.

Healthy cooking 101: Bake, poach, steam and stir your way to better health

The recent Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010 revealed that the vast majority of people worry about health when cooking a meal at home. Is it any surprise? Chronic disease and obesity are on the rise in the region so it is with little wonder that health and nutrition have become top priorities when dining.

Stop fuming!

What is the most important appliance in the kitchen? Believe it or not, it might actually be the cooker hood.

10 Questions in 10 minutes – Keith Tan

Design is an important aspect of Electrolux appliances. After all, at the very heart of the Electrolux brand philosophy is an approach called “Thoughtful Design”.

Life’s a Peach this Lunar New Year!

Every Lunar New Year, most households serve the same selection of New Year goodies to entertain friends and family. This year, let Electrolux and renowned food writer and consultant, Christopher Tan, guide you on how you can be different. Impress your friends and family and start off a peachy New Year by learning how to make these delectable Golden Peach Cookies.

Wet, wet, wet

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to combine the gentleness of hand washing with the impressive efficiency of professional cleaning?

Pineapple tarts made easy – tips on making these Chinese New Year treasures

Chinese New Year cookies have been a New Year highlight for countless people over many generations. And while there’s a whole array to choose from, the darling of the Chinese New Year cookies has to be the pineapple tart.